Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its a CAT's Life

Tell me you didn't know that the CAT results are out and I will look at you like you were the scum of the Earth. Not that I care a tad about CAT results (never cared for 'em even when I wrote them but wait, I didn't have to tell you that did I? ) ...its just that its 'implications' are so remarkably relevant.

You see, Oh-Patient-Reader-of-Blog, its a highly title based society we live in.
This ideal society is so full of camouflaged pretence that would even make British High Society look humble.
No really, I'm not being cynical about this, really, I've observed with due course of time, what examination-results do in this painstakingly pretentious society of ours.

One admit into the 'reputed institutes' and your image in society undergoes a total makeover. So, all of a sudden that weird freak you'd never noticed in college or that reserved teammate at work who'd never turn up for social gatherings, is now our long-lost hero, that close friend we never 'had the opportunity' to talk to but now desperately crave to socialise with. I making sense? Or is it just my head?
Never mind, lets just not answer that thank you very much.

You know, there was a time when I thought of doing a decent MBA, you know, accomplish something in life, make daddy proud of his li'l girl 'n all that jazz. Of course, that thought dissipated into thin air before I could even say Eye-Eye-Yum-Ay.

So now what am I doing ?
Well what do all Once-Upon-A-Time-CAT-Aspirants do best?
Tell our comrades to work hard the next time. Give CAT gyaan over GTALK and be their source of motivation. Tell them that if they can't do it, no one can and that you need to see that IIM glory you never saw, through them.
So, you see, when they actually do go somewhere and you...well..don't, you can at least tap their shoulders and say 'See, I told you. Now where's my candy?'

After all, like I always say, ' If you cant beat them... kick 'em.'

Here endeth thy lesson. Now, let the games begin.

PS: I'm just kidding Sahil/Bhaumik. I really do hope that you guys get into that insti in Ahemadabad.


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K said...

kadasi para mattum thaan purinjuthu :-)

--xh-- said...

was a BTech aspirent once - leave IIt and IIM - they where too out of reach ( tried IIt too, but it is better to leave it saying that i was not much intrested ;) ) but inspite of getting admission, never could do it.. did my BSc, did MCA and I am a happy soul :-D so i tell my friends - chase your dreams... it is not only brand what maters, but what the stuff you ar emade off. there are firms who takes only employees from IIT/IIM/XYZ, but I say - it is their loss, not your... know a guy who works for a automobile MNC who did his BTech from a ordinary college - hez my same age - hold about a couple of patents in his name and have done some extremly wonderful code and stuff which have stunned the bosos of the USA parent company - he is much sought after in teh field now, and boses around lots of IIT/IIM/XYZ ppl.. so I say - if not IIM/IIT/XYZ, it is their loss - you will fly as long as you have the willpower to fly :-)

ராமானுஜம் ராகவன் said...

Had I read this (all but the "If you can't beat 'em part..) five years back, I might have pushed myself to solve the simple math problem that won the battle after an hour (not something that you expect to hear from someone with the name ramanujam, but yeah!!!!)

with that, my MBA dreams went down the drain...

NO REGRETS THOUGH. I am thankful in one way...

Keep writing... Your posts are worth spending time on and yes, a radamohan movie...

Alameen said...

You try to bell the CAT for the 3rd time in 5 years and you're not able to make it...

It's time to retrospect... Well I was talking about myself...

Confounded-Lady said...

k--> err.. Never mind :D

xh--> Very beautifully put. Yes, I sometimes forget thats all that matters you know, at the end of the day.

Ramanuj--> Adiyaen, mikka nandree :D

@Alameen: Maybe, you were meant to be a doctor :D

Coconut Chutney said...

The CAT is a stupid test.
I prefer the Most Obvious Underestimated Scholastic Exam (MOUSE)
Excuse me for a moment while I marvel at my own wit.

Confounded-Lady said...

@ CC: You are indeed a special thing arent you? ;)