Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mic please..

So I've tried and tried AND tried to put something up here for quite a while but in vain and all I can boast of, as for now, is a big fat drafts-section in which I can proudly proclaim that I've probably exhausted all the possible 'n+23' ways to start a fresh post. Its taken me THIS long to come back here and I don't quite intend on making this an I've-Not-Been-Blogging-oflate-Because.. post , considering that disappearing and re-disappearing is so much a part of Confounded-Lady's life.
Syaad I know.

Yenihoo, I finally post. Not that its post-worthy material, its a post.

So now that we're convinced that this IS a post and I can assume that you'd accept whatever I write here, I don't think I have to bother with the minute details of the various frivolities of life.

Like say, you wouldn't be interested in Confounded-Lady's daily confrontation with a 60 year old driving instructor who screams for his dear life when she crosses 25km/hr...would you?

Or perhaps...the humour she's s attempted to locate in sharing a house with a 16 year-old teenage NRI kid who's fashion sense would give Paris Hilton a run for her money (or another run to jail :P ) or even better, make Confounded-'ol-Lady look like an archaic work of art from the Medieval ages.
(I love you Divya/Dipsu-kutti anyways).

.....Or how about being terrified of the newly hired servant-maid who constantly yells at CL for changing the place of the broomstick from behind the kitchen to..well, somewhere behind the kitchen where Maidy-dear couldn't bother to look till Confounded Lady saves the day...

I still think that watching 16 year old Dipsu-kutti get her hair coloured dark-red at Maha's is worth a separate post, 'cos I'm yet to get over the fact that my family heirloom does comprise of some twisted fashion-sense-DNAs after all and not just the traditional 9-gajam way of thinking. Goooooo Dipsu!

Ok..yayy, you've got me all excited. :D
So where do I start?

37 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Anonymous said...

Dipsuu is sounding vary vary nice! I want more.

Idling in Top Gear said...

Excellent seed post - enough material for several new entries.

Lol at the driving instructor screaming when you go faster than 25 kmph! Can you blame him, you being a woman driver and all. :D Just kidding.

Divya ... ME!!!!! said...

:D(your signature..:))

--xh-- said...

LOL... this is how posts r born...

Anonymous said...

A cofounded post...
All thoughts on September i guess..!

- Oops...!

Anonymous said...

I would like to do a "haawk thu" for ending the post before you even started.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

hey dont call her a kid! i'm only a year older than 16. :(

tsk tsk, mean aunties. :P

Coconut Chutney said...

ok, so who's dipsu again?

I'm confused.

Divya ... ME!!!!! ok fine!! DIPSU KUTTI!!! said...

LOL peeps like teh Dipsu eh?!

Give 'em more of teh moi woman!!

Btw, teh name is DIVYA!! And only con-lady can call me Dipsu guys!

Luv ya!

Preeti said...

Dipsu aka Divya is THE lil divya i know? (incase ur readin this dip...uh, divya?? i doubt u'd remember me!) OH-MY-@#@#@!-LORD!!! REALLYY?? 16 u say? and coloured hair?!?

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

i really doubt if that's all you had to say about exciting things in your life for now.. but well, let me give it a rest :))

Goda Ramkumar said...

I need a mention in your post too :D. Shall I fly over to Chennai and get my skin colored if that is more fashionable :-?

Confounded-Lady said...

Oh I had a lot more to tell before I discovered that Dipsu-kutti Madam's started reading this blog...
Acho..what will I do! :O

Idling Top Gear:
:D Tell me about it..for a person who;d cause all the havoc possible on the roads of Madras on her Bloo-scooty, its a pity I have to drive at some sad 25 n all :|!!!
Dipsu-kutttiiiiiiiii >:D<

Indeed. And I had to wait this long to discover this :| :D

Mine maybe ...but I think yours are too :P :D :D

Confounded-Lady said...

Again you are thuppifying? :((
Why oh why?
Oh yes, your wicked :D :P :P

But...who re you calling aunty yound gurl? :x

Coconut Chutney:
My kutti cousin :D :D
Your not supposed to get confused at this blog...
Only confounded :D :D

Adiyae Red head!! :)))
I think you'll be Dispu kutti to quite a lot of ppl from now on ;)

She's one and the same di :) But I guess she;d seen you when she was very very left after that ila :)
She;s come to town....and she's come to paint the town red ....along with her hair ;)
(pun..aah whaataey pun! )

:)) You know...I know...aana...I dont know if they all wanna know :))

awww :)) Dont think about it...your lovely as you are :D :D :D
But how about colouring ;;)

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

err.. sorry dipsu... chi.. divya.. but i have already called you dipsu a lot of times.. is there something that can be done about that? ;;)

Confounded-Lady said...


(Dipsu will reply when I give her the lappie :P )

Divya ... ME!!!!! said...

Its ok..for the people I'm familiar me Dipsu, and ditch the kutti.

Anonymous said...

Agree. No Comments for now :P

May be what u said is right... By still it cant be september !! Not much left for september lass.

- Oops...!

Confounded-Lady said...

Yeah, you'd know wouldnt you? :P

wickieT said...

soon-to-be-yankee, forget stick shifts,kms...don't need them, do we? :D

@divya: you go girl! more power to colored hair.

Confounded-Lady said...

lol@yankee. Not if I can help it :D

Please dont inspire Dipsukutti to do more....she's already making the periyavALs of my house gape with mouth wide open.

wt said...

ahaha! we (me & divya) need to talk. can share some pointers on handling Periyavals...been there;done that! ;) :D

Confounded-Lady said...

YOu hearing that Dipsu kutti? ;;)

Anonymous said...

dear little girls and the soon-to-be-yankee lady!

Some nice nice young boys are having their goody goody times by reading the comments space here. So, please to continue.


Divya ... ME!!!!! said...

Who is reading?

Do let me know soon..


WT said...

@Wolfie: nice nice and young boys eh...WHERE dude??? :P

Divya: ME reading...wick wick wickie taurie! :D

gradwolf said...

Myself. Main. Naan. Mi.

gradwolf said...

why is ntn happening here :|

Divya ... ME!!!!! said...

Aww, SOMEone misses me!!

mayth!! said...

Dipsukutti is busy getting her tongue tattoo 'd and would appreciate it if you could enquire later.


mayth!! said...

Dipsukutti is busy getting her tongue tattoo 'd and would appreciate it if you could enquire later.


gradwolf said...

hello, romba over this double action :p

Confounded-Lady said...

Your up early today arent you?

Anonymous said...

Monday morning, akka.

I can understand, you've been keeping good track of the Eastern Time. :p

mayth!! said...

well...err... :D

Confounded-lady said...

'B' for...?

Divya ... ME!!!!! said...

Tongue tattoo? TONGUE TATTOO???
Where did you get THAT from?