Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two weeks notice

I've never actually been 2 weeks away from my wedding because...well, I've never really been married before. No one always gets to be 2 weeks away from one's wedding until he's actually... two weeks away from his wedding, so it isnt a very common feeling, this two weeks notice thing.
Cha, this isnt exactly the dream start for this post, but just to show you how I blog when I'm not very high on editing. I promise I'm going somewhere with this one though.*

The amount of activity that takes place during the last 2 weeks before a wedding makes me wonder if there WERE any weeks before the 2 weeks before the wedding. You know in an Indian Wedding its like, the whole world earnestly works towards making the wedding a grand success like they were producing a movie, but its just during these last 2 weeks that all of the action takes place.
I have a feeling I havent made an iota of sense till now but hear me out when I say that I am simply amazed at the speed at which things unravel during this period...its like all the work that had to be done gradually before a wedding, suddenly gets done in such an unimaginable pace during this period.

Picture this.
All my saree-blouses suddenly get stitched and come back home from the tailors who had them for like...forever, just because I say there are only 'two weeks left'.
My house maid has been working like an ox (I dont know if that simile conveyed what it had to...I never trust my self-made similies) cos its apparently crucial time now. Heck, she's started coming regularly...thats a miracle by itself.
Our Iyengar samayakaar-maami (cook) feeds me like a baby with all the possible greens, yellows, oranges, pinks (didnt think I'd list colours without a pink did you?) in the world 'cos I'll be leaving home soon.
My neighbors *actually* smile at me when they spot me in the elevator. (Wow)
Appa is extra jovial. (Now that I'm not particularly comfortable with. The folks are already relieved I'm leaving.. And I havent even left yet. hmph!_max)
Everyone on the never-ending list's finally been invited and I'm mentally tired of revising the list to make sure I haven't left anyone out. I sent out the last batch of invitations today. Amen to that. And I thought this day would never come.
The most common words uttered by every random woman who enters my house is 'Rendu vaaram thaan iriku baaki la? :O ' (For the uninitiated in Tamil, "Just two weeks left no 'Colon-wo'?" )

I'm very evidently getting psyched now. You can tell from the sense I've made so far (or the lack of it). Actually, I dont think you'd know the difference if you know me by now.

But do you blame me?
I'm getting two weeks!

*Or then again maybe not.

44 Confounded-souls had something to say:

kutti said...

can blog readers give u 'moi' thro ur blog? and do we get kalyana batchanam in return? :p

Confounded-Lady said...


Bhakshanam thaanae? Aduku ediku moi-goi lam? Baeshaa tharaenae, wongaathuku vandaen :P

Anonymous said...

"My neighbors actually smile at me when they spot me in the elevator. (Wow)"

That's because you have a fevicol pasted smile on your face ALL the time you nut!!

adi said...

congraaaaaatssssssssssssssssssss once again!

Apde orru mini reception here, wat say? For the blog friends, and thambees? :p

You know what to do when you arrive. Don't you? :P

Confounded-Lady said...

I beg your pardon?

Confounded-Lady said...

Lol...of course of course!

The confoundeds' Residence will soon be open for a party. Coke will be served...on the rocks! :P

adi said...

romba over :p

Idling in Top Gear said...

Congrats! and lol at "coke on the rocks." So, where are you headed after dum-dum?

Goda Ramkumar said...

I totally agree with you that it is a psyching time. I hope that does not create doubts about me being married in past [:D] So Mayth! Rendu vaaram daan irukku illa ? :P I think I should use this method to get back my clothes from tailors who have preserved it in museums :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

heya!! congrats! 2 weeks??? that must be like.. wow!! i mean well.. i dunno..
n i dont blame u for gettin pshyced, anyone in ur place would, specially with the shaamiyaana- catering stuff..
lol nice post though.. keep blogging
ciao round and congrats again!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

:O :O
*whistles!* (or the pa-pae-pAEE of the trumpets?)

Aww, congrats.

lavanya said...

Is patappa doing the cooking? Then I'm so crashing the wedding. Hell I'm crashing your wedding anyways. :D

Hakuna Matata said...

Appadi podu podu podu!! :D ... Congrats and condolences ;)

Seriously, as Goda said, 'rendu vaaramdhaan irukku' surpasses the ancient 'nalaikku trainla ponum...!' excuse one gives the tailors :D

Yappy Married Life :D

Confounded-lady said...


Thanks Mr.Bay Area! ;) I'm headed to NJ! :D Diametrically opposite to where you reside apparently :-D

Lol...try it! Aaana that thing with this story is that, you cant keep thorwing it at the tailors again and agian...image kettupoidum la :D

Hey thanks Harini! :)

Awwwwwww *mmmuuuah* Your the sweetest Busy writer in the world :D

Kandippa va :) Patappa ila ...some Padmanabhan Iyengar vengaayam in samayal was my order :D

Lol...I ve used the 'naliki train iriku' tale time and again...enna, its most of the time ends up being true :| And I d have to collect my slawar and rush to the station :| :P Not a nice story I tell you

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Wai no vengaayam in samaiyal, I say! Please to change with the times - if you can blog 2 weeks before wedding, then vengaayam is ok too. :D

Congrats, hope to read about the big day a few weeks *after* it happens. ;-)

Solitaire said...

Awww!! Enjoy the time. This is YOUR time and its never coming back again. So two weeks or not, go for it!!! I am glad you remembered us when only two weeks are left! Good luck!

Preeti said...

I shall be there :) Both days :) and mabe i can give out some of the juicier details that u may miss out ;)

I'm still in shock that ur gettin marrieeddddd!!!! iv GOT to unearth those maroon velvet dress pics :) I dont think id believe it till i see u tat day...then again, maybe not! :)

Archana Achuthan said...

Enjoy maythi!! U wl never get bac this time!! Lovely post!! Every yet to be married wl go thro these feelings for sure :) Well written!!

Vanilla Vats said...

The Big Fat Indian Wedding, eh?
Well, you'll need all the luck in the world for that!
Congrats Mayth Akka!

Vanilla Vats said...

The Big Fat Indian Wedding, eh?
Well, you'll need all the luck in the world for that!
Congrats Mayth Akka!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! *nadaswaram in the background* Can I get an Iyengar wedding meal parceled to Florida please, for wishing you over the internet? Also, please don't forget the MSS amma's recording!

Confounded-lady said...

What does vengaayam have to do with..blogging? :-/ Oh well... yeah you'll hear from me, again :D Kandippa kalyaantathiku vaango :D

Aww :') Thanks so much! mmmuah! :)

Preets...mah dahlin! Meet ya there kanna, stay with me :D Velvet dress lam ditch...I'm gonna look maha pretty on wedding *background music: She's sooo vain*

Thanks ma Archana! :)

Vanilla Vats:
Vanilla kutti... thank you ma! :)

namaskAram saab...One Iyengar Meal, coming at ya! ;)
I'll do my homework tonight and check out the ol archives. :)

WT said...

Congrats Mayth! *bear hugs*

shoes,makeup laam taken care of ah? wear those tear/smoke proof mascara/kajal.and me mont kalyana bakshanam too, pliss to sneak/save some for me. :D

see ya soooon in DC babe. :)

Confounded-lady said...


ID please :D

Anonymous said...

Confounded-lady said...

Lol...I ll keep that in mind, the smoke proof mascara et al :D
See you soon gurlie :)

Anonymous said...

congratsssss akka :) post ur marriage pics too... would love to c that :D

adi said...

wedding on 9/11

9/21, RG kutcheri in NJ. 12th oct in Raleigh. Coming ah? :p

Confounded-lady said...

@Anonymous person: Thanks pa :) Will do...but pray, yaar idu? :-/

Cha. Just-u miss. Actually come to think of it just miss lam ila, I ll be the by the end of the month only, so fat chance of me even hoping to catch them live in the US.
Do something will ya, record pannu, anga vandu vaangikaraen :D

Preeti said...

@WT: What dya think she was havin? A weddin gown? Madisaru ku ena shoes? :P hehe...

Maythu: U gotta be vain gurl, ur gettin...MARRIEDD!!!!

Confounded-lady said...

oooooooo *eyes wide open*

I can do vain :D I can do vain very well :D

Shoes I need for reception aana, ilati I wont be seen in the snaps only.... I'm not really on the tall side you know :P

Blessed~ said...

Congrats and Good luck!

WT said...

@Preeti: Maythu said it! i know a few who wore them with Madisar..but of course just for pics. :D

@Mayth: Chamathu, pliss to send the audio file. :)

Preeti said...

Oh sorry...we tall-er peoples dont know u know?? :P

Shruti said...

ui maa.. just a few days left! I'm so nervous for u :-S
Hey! Congratulations!:-)

satya said...

ha ha ha .. That was a funny post

Started rss-ing this blog cos ramku aka gundu sent some link sometime back.
Though the yellow-buggy background freaks me out sometimes .. :).

Be careful where u go, you just have two weeks left.

Confounded-lady said...

Thanks very much :)

:D yesh yesh :D Konjum avakAsham kudungo wickie dearie :D

Lol...yeah, dont be nervous, I'm doing well in that territory :D

Sathya: in, the 'Babe' fame?

Salil said...

Ini oru vaaram thaan iriku baaki la?
Have a great time.

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

woah.. how did i miss this post.. [:p] anyway, strange that i scrap you sympathizing with all the psyche out looks around, and you post this...

a small bit of me thinks of asking you the same question as the random mami's around, but well.. you know the routine right [:D]

(btw, hi babe [:D] glad to see you being recognized by the bulbing lady [:p])

Bharani said...

two weeks to get on an entirely different plane in wishes maami...

Zanychild said...

hey congrats!
everybody is now extra sweet to u huh!
nice blog :)

satya said...

yep .. that fame satya only. ;')

btw, congrats on ur marriage :).


Anonymous said...

Guess i will feel the heat soon too.!

- Oops..!

Confounded-Lady said...

Salil, Bharani, Zanny-child, Sathya: Thanks all:)