Sunday, September 21, 2008

The After-math, the Cook-book and Me

Retrospection on a profound level leads me to the conclusion that I was never really a home-girl.
I've always deplored the word house-wife, even the very way the term was coined 'h-o-u-s-e' 'w-i-f-e'. I mean, lets face it...what in heavens name did you wish you convey by the word house-wife? That you were a wife at home? Weren't you his wife outside the house? Eew.

Yeneways, kutti digress there.
As a kid who was perpetually hyper and restless (excepting for the times when I was asleep where I'd look like a mad- driver-woman on Prozac). I always had something to do solely because the very thought of being bored scared me out of my wits as I always associated 'boredom' to 'loneliness'. So, despite being the only kid to my parents which always saddened me..(still does to a certain extent which is why I resolve to get busy in the near future in order to prevent history from repeating itself :D) I made sure that I never banked on my house or my parents for solace...I'd explore the neighbouring streets on my bicycle, go out on walks on my own, make friends with the watchmen and gardeners in our locality.. whatever it took to get me out of the house, even if it meant knocking on random people's doors and asking them, ingratiatingly, if I could play with their kids if they had any.
It was sad you know, that parents sent their 6 year olds to Hindi tuition. I think I learned more Hindi chatting with the watchmen and gardeners.

With such a manipulated state of mind that made me believe that one had a life only if it were outside the house, I grew up sympathizing all women who were house-wives, including my very dear granny and Mom. I'd ask my Mom time and again in the kitchen how they did it... How could one not go out, know places, meet people, get paid, get bankrupt, get into fights, get out of fights (the last two clauses were offered in copious amounts in our with me is no joke mind you) how could you just be busy at home?'
I mean...with with due respect to what all the woman folk go through to keep a family running hale and healthy, how could you work, at home?? Wouldn't these 4 walls drive you plain mad?'

My Mom would just smile and ask me to switch on the exhaust fan on my way out.

A home-maker's job is no joke, I'm told, although I never try to understand the gravity of that statement more so because I know that the home-maker is never really..'me'.
I cant disagree with the fact that all of us are here, healthy and successful (to a certain extent at least) only because some woman/women in the house chose to care and see if we had food on the table and in our boxes everyday.

So as I pack my suitcases to a whole new world at the other side of the globe with a chunk of my stuff comprising of shiny non-stick vessels and brand new cook-books (the cook-book saga..ah! This surely deserves a post dedicated to itself), I still wonder to myself if I can map a vessel to its utility or turn the pages of Tarla Dalal's Continental Food Book without falling asleep looking at the picture on the front cover itself.

My colleagues from work will surely have fun reading this. They know.

47 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Idling in Top Gear said...

First off, congrats! Re: being a housewife, it can't be all that bad. Just look at how much fun the women on 'Desperate Housewives' have. :)

--xh-- said...

Congratz :-D

adi said...

ROFL @ IITG's comment!

I am sure you are gonna have a lot of fun here. Neighboring streets dhane! Just an hr of train journey and you have wall street to go to! :P

kutti said...

gud luck with the 'getting busy' thingy :D

chutneycase said...

I agree with Mr.Bay Area. Adhuvum nee pona wisteria lane illa, hysteria lane! :D

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

All I can say is, UPDATE us regularly! :P
See the plus side, BLOGGING housewife. Nicer now? :P ;)

Anonymous said...

Firstly, Congratulations! And very disappointed at not receiving the promised Iyengar wedding plate meal, but will excuse that. Since, you're coming to Uncle Sam yourself, may be I could get a hand-cooked 'Tarla Dalal' meal from you! Overnight FedEx, within the US! :D
Anyway, once you come here, may be you could pursue music to keep yourself busy. It helps!

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

engayo idikkudhu.. :p

buddy said...

lol...nice post!..and blog

WT said...

Congrats Mayth! :)

happy Packing.

Aparna S said...

once again i could see my situation in ur post. 'same pinch!'

ya, the four walls get u to a state of depression once u start ur new life in this other side of the globe with the 'cook books'. But u give it up and finally start getting 'busier' inside these same 4 walls! I've been through this recently.

u'll even find it difficult to digest the whole fact that u're really out of the IT world that drove u nuts till this day!

Infact, i used to even think that working with infosys was far better than sitting home idly! But life is so unpredictable

keep posting.


Confounded-Lady said...

Aaha! :)) Thank you! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to reaching there :))

:D Fankoo :D

Wall street la poi stalk broker aagardu vida I think I'd rather sit a cook saathamudu :P

Thanks :) All my doubts are finally cleared ...see ya in US territory :)

hehe! Thats a good one :))

Confounded-Lady said...

I feel much better now ...blogging wont be the same from now on ;)

Hey Sthith! Forgive me for I thought that you deserve more than just parceled Iyengar Food...why not get it straight from the cooker? What say???:D
Music is my saviour. It always will be.

Whatever do you mean now? ;;) :D :D

Fankoo :)

Your coming home for lunch/dinner one day. Lets Gtalk the rest :)

Hey Aparna! Ramaswami Iyengar paethi thaanae nee? Nice to see you here :) Glad to know I have some kith and kin in the US now(in the literal sense)...where in the US are you put?

Hakuna Matata said...


And yeah, theres this brilliant 'cook-ie' we hav in our hostel, and I thought I should direct u to her blog ... . Some easy make and hog recipes she's put up. The end products though have been evaluated by yours truly and have passed the quality test.

Yeah Yeah, I can hear the 'Rasmalai ellam vendam, mudhalla rasam panna kathuko' in the background. :P

Solitaire said...

Housewife means married to the house, I suppose.

These days people like to say "home makers". I don't like that word either. Its not that unmarried people are home breakers or anything.

Archana Achuthan said...

Lovely post!!

Wicked :D said...

Huh! Padichiruke illa? Poi vella thedu. Vella pannu. Veti a veetla okkandukada.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

:) Congrats. And welcome to the US, if I may!

And about being a house-wife ( or a home-maker?!?!) :D welcome to my world (figure out things to do before they figure you out, seriously! Sigh.

Preeti said...

lol @ idling's comment! dont even dream of havn the kinda fun they r havin ;)

WT said...

swell! one day?was thinking more like every weekend shindig.:D

Bharani said...

liar never knew hindi until you went to used to talk to the watchmen in anna in that tam you alone could conjure-up....anyway, i am sure you'll not be lonely or bored, cuz if you know whom to call...and about "house-wife", well it's a stupid phrase coined in india, i am sure there's no such thing in english as a "house-wife" as there is no such thing as "homely-girl", homely is not proper english...ok, i think i digressed a bit, anyway, i am sure you'll be telling your daughter to switch off the exhaust fan on her way out with a smile that it can only be experienced over a lifetime....being a homemaker....

confounded-lady said...

Lol! You ve stolen one of my mom's most regular lines :)) She wont rest till I make perfect melagu rasam. Not thats its tough anyway but still.

Precisely. :)


Yeah, the job hunt will follow.

For some reason, I'm unable to feign excitement :D

You didnt come :| Waah!

Yes yes :) Everyday starts off with one day no? ;)

Yeah, I know the number. Also, my mom says the same thing..that I d live to see history repeating itself. :) Keep in touch pa! :)

How do we know said...

Congratulations!! And dont worry abt hte housesife thingie. Being a homebody is not a state of affairs, its a state of mind. Someone like u will be doing sth before you have unpacked your bags. CHill!!

Aparna S said...

:-) i'm put in minneapolis, MN. where are u put?

shail said...

ROTFLOL @ '...what in heavens name did you wish you convey by the word house-wife? That you were a wife at home? Weren't you his wife outside the house? Eew.'
Would you like to see the other side of the picture?? Please step in here when you find time! :P :-))))

Enjoyed reading your post.

adi said...

enna aalaye kanum! US suthi taking patel pics ah? :p

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

wheee, where art thou? ;)

Confounded-Lady said...

@How do we know:
Thank you...I sure hope so :)

Answered that :)

Hey thanks for visiting :)

Paathindrikaen ... :D :D

Busy Wirter:
You havent seen the last of me..bwahaha.

satya said...

yep .. even as a guy, i hate the word "housewife" .. i mean, i cant imagine myself ever living with a housewife ..
dunno why - the very idea is repulsive to me.

Anonymous said...

Become a professional Blogger-House WIfe !!
U might need to train some one soon though :P

- Oops !

Anonymous said...

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