Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year of the Firsts or Happy New Year Folks

Every time the new year comes by, I think to myself however stupendously refreshing the following year may be, it can never outdo the previous one... in the good way or the bad way. See, I don't handle change very well so much so that I have this ridiculous inertia to write the year's number correctly for like the first 4 months of the new year!!
So, like every year, I warn myself of change that is inevitable and also assuage myself that it wouldn't be as bad (or as good) as the previous one. So its always best to start off with zilch expectation, you'll see how far that takes you. Having said, one other thing every new year brings me, is its innumerable Firsts, be it nice-firsts or horrible-firsts. Its always worth remembering my Firsts and I'm sure its the case with you too.

'08 gave me my
My first tryst with Snow...
My first 9-gajam saree...
My first online fraternity (whom all I love a tad too much)
My first Hindustani concert in the 8th row of Music Academy..
My first Embedded systems job (that didnt last for more than 4 months)..
My first wedding (and the last one mind you..) ...
My first long stay away from my parents..
My first scooty accident which wasn't my fault..
My first concert...
My first Tam-Bram thaligai..
My first kamalAmba navAvarnam...
My first fight over Gmail..
My first Amma/Appa-I-miss-you mail..
My first sip of Margareta (read sip. And let that be the last one thank you very much)..
My first Album..
My first parasailing..
My first Chinese food (Yuck.Period.)
My first sister-in-law...
My first flu..
My first Elizabeth Arden..
My first Deepavali with a new family..

Try this too, in your head if you want, what your Firsts were. I'm sure you'll have some you could talk about. Its fun and worthwhile.

Wishing you all a fabulous year ahead,
Confounded-Lady :)

19 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

first comment.. for this post atleast :P

Gradwolf said...

9-gajam?hehehehe....romba yoschu edhirka...i appreciate.. :p

i need that Album.

Coconut Chutney said...

You missed "My first aathukaar" :P

Idling in Top Gear said...

My first Chinese food

You've never had Chinese food in India?!!!!!

confounded-lady said...

IyengArvAL: Thank you. That was most introspecive :P

Gradwolf: Yes yes :D :D

CC: But dear child, thats implied by 'my first wedding' :D. Unless..No. No unless.

IITG: I realised that I didnt miss anything.

buddy said...

first snow...thats always such an innocent time
what abt first frostbite?
first slip-fall-nadia comenski dance?

maxdavinci said...

never had chinese food before! whoa!

kutti said...

yappy new yr to u and the aathukaar!!

Preeti said...

No gobi manchurian also? Though the gobi belies the chinese fact! But really, no chinese? Indian chinese is tasty...chinese chinese (or is it american chinese) iv heard isnt all that thats why u dint like it...?

Btw, Happy New Year! Wishin u a super year ahead full of loves ;)

Anonymous said...

very happy new year to you and the aathukaars :)

Anish said...

Happy new year :)

On your blog after a looong time; in fact on blogger after a looong time :D

The older look was better :|

and congrats!! :P

WT said...

Elizabeth Arden..Red door ah? :D

Try the Veg dumplings and Buddha feast or Ma Po Tofu at the fusion chinese joint PF changs.

@Preeti: True. American Chinese & Chinese Chinese both are euucky..our Indian Chinese is Yum!

Archana Achuthan said...

Lovely post :)

SK said...

Lot of firsts :--) First year in the US is always exciting isnt it :--D

satya said...

ha ha .. every new years eve i dream of an amazing midnite.
every jan 1st, I always think - this year is going to outdo the one that just passed.

Neon said...

"read sip. And let that be the last one thank you very much"

That's how we all start...

Confounded-Lady said...

Thanks guys, all of you! :) Wish you a great year ahead!

..And, no I don't like Margareta. Or Chinese food. This is an honest blog with honest posts :P

@WT: Red Door indeed :D Ahhhhh :) *is now lost*

Divya said...

haaa.... Year gone by had so so many firsts! :)

jan is almost over par still, wish u and ur family a gr8 11 months ahead!!

AMIT said...

Very late Happy New Year.

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