Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gimme some more heat,da

"Anna (not Scott, Yairpot, -malai, University, teakadai, barber-shaap, -aachi moar kudunnga)"
"Black Ambassador"
"Kosu" (mosquito)
"Too much lovvu"
"How is the Jetlag" (like it were the weather or something)
"Aavin paal"
"AashirvAdam (with specific things in mind)
"Veyil" (heat)
"Record-breaking veyil (like every single year of the century)
"The (H)indu" paeper
"Anti-Hindu paper"
"More cooling"
"Dei, antha AC high-la podu pa" (Turn the AC on high)
"Vandi" ( vehicle/first love)
"Broken Helmet" (broken heart)
"Keep Left"
"Saavu kraaki" (For the Tamil-illeterate, go and ask your literate friends)
"Middle finger"
"Sonia Gandhi"
"Amma" (the bigger one)
"Nooru-ruba potu kudunga Saaar" (Please give us a hundred-rupees more because we are coldblooded rowdies and like to bully the public, and also...its recession time)
"Innum saagala" (Not yet dead)
"City Centre"
"Masala kadalai"
Sooopar da"
"Pattu podavai" (Silk-sarees)
"Paatu" (Moosic)
"Kovil" ( I hate translating into Tamil when almost everyone I know speaks Tamil)
"(haiyo) Narayana"

Welcome to Chennai, m'dear Lady...

The city has indeed missed you.

24 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Idling in Top Gear said...

"Anna (not Scott, Yairpot, -malai, University, teakadai, barber-shaap, -aachi moar kudunnga)" was brilliant!

And vote = index finger :) unless you meant your reaction to the results!

confounded-lady said...

Tempting,, You've got to read it in the right order - the order its meant to follow ;)

I stop at that lest anything else I say makes me a bad person. :P

Vanilla Vats said...

Yappa! Cehnnai spirit-a capture pannitaye :)

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

:D :D

Dhanya said...

"Saavu kraaki" (For the Tamil-illiterate, go and ask your literate friends)

<<< Since you happen to be the only Tamil literate friend I know, pleez help!

You are like Id ka chaand only... appearing once in a while!

Ramanujam said...

Kalakal post!

foreign chocolate ah vittutiye.... It would have made a nice fit after 'How is the jetlag'

Loved the sequence....All the chennai matter laam kannu munnadi vandu nikudhu!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Aaah I see :P

Konjum konjum ennode 10 days experience le puriyardhu :P some things puriya vendaam ;)

Gradwolf said...

middle finger ah?!

maxdavinci said...

well encapsulated!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

LOL @"Innum saagala" and "AashirvAdam (with specific things in mind)."

Btw, isn't it spelt Lowwu?

buddy said...

u left out besh besh!

Coconut Chutney said...

Andha ponnu
endha ponnu
ava dhaan
romba naal aache
aama, aanalum
acho, romba chamathu.


confounded-lady said...

VanillaVats: As always no? :D

Iyengarval: But of course :D

Dhanya: Ah..saavu kraaki! I think I'd need help in translating this to put in a nutshell, a curse word shot out at people who drive haphazardly on the roads (I should know :P)...
Literal meaning: Someone who's meant to die


Ramanujam: Ah yes...foreign chocolates, how could I have left those out?
Nandri hai...this post was meant to do just that..

Nandu: Kalakitae Chandru ;) (to quote a famous Tamil ad :) )

Gradwolf: Yeah...I'm not that chamathu you know..

Max: Why thank you :D

BPSK: Please to forgive the typos :D

Buddy: Haven't come across so much of those so far...I think I use it more than any of the Madras mamas/thathas.. :D

Chutney: *Blush* Li'l ol me? Why thank you :D

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

That is kalakkare chandru.. Just because Nandu might not find that out, doesn't mean you can disfigure those eternal words.. Hmph! :P

ms whimsies said...

ha ha.. welcome back,lady!! trust you are having a good time in your married life as well :):)

Sriram said...

gethu postu!

Preeti said...

Welcome back...I've been hearin rave reviews about your minestrone soup...enaku eppo?

confounded-lady said...

@Ramkumar: Just because you say that Nandhu will find out, doesnt mean she will :P

@Preeths: Oh yeah, when are you free?:)

confounded-lady said...

@sriram and whims: Thankoo :D

Bharani said...

so it's madras maami now...

saavu graakki is clever..

bhuvanesh said...

good one ... BTW, what does that "Innum sagala" mean?

Shubhangi said...

I have been there long time back.

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