Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shady, Very Shady how different is my life now anyway?
Not very, really.
Except for the 'Neeya??!!? Kalyanam aa?? Bwahahahahaha ' reaction I seem to be receiving from my friends time and again (@friends :P), everything is peach normal.

Lets see now. Recent excitement contributed by mad mad shop-hopping which has made me all the more gleeful and happy. Nothing like seeing money float in the air (a bit creepy when its your money though). But you know, I never thought that shopping could leave me so pooped at the end of the day that I was too tired to even life my feet off the ground….To lie down of course (what were you thinking?)

A few interesting lessons shopping with family has taught me.

1. Enlightenment #1.
Sarees look gorgeous in shops. Gorgeous with a capital Gee. They're meant to.
But it's a different thing 'looking' gorgeous in them. When you're 153 centimetres short tall, a saree around you sometimes looks like a quilt wrapped around a pencil, or an eraser for that matter. Sad I know. But my family members are always supportive and diplomatic. And I go ahead with buying the most gorgeous ones in the shop anyway without the slightest bit of remorse.

2. Enlightenment #2.
My addiction to pink is a potential embarrassment to family. Being lured towards all the pinks in the saree section, ok understandable. But constantly groping the pink shirts in the men's section??
You think I have a problem??
Yeah, join the club. I need help. And how!
Ideas perhaps, anyone?

3. Enlightenment #3
Must confront conflicting choices regarding breathtaking colours in saree shop.
Not a wise move to ask person-at-saree-section 'Inda saree nannarikuma, ilati iduva?'
(Translate: This one will look nice..or this one?)
He will say, 'Rendumae edthukonga, wonga colour-ku wo-ho-nnum irikum'
(Translate: Take both ma, they both suit your complextion'
Yeah right, like we're gonna fall for that one. Ha! *conceited smirk*
I'm sure we can choose between Jyothika-Pinks and MS (MSubhalakshmi)- Blues on our own thank you very much.

Right, so where does all this leave me now?
Well, I'm still tired. And hungry. And yes, a bit tired too (wait did I mention that already?)
Ok, before you think I'm drunk too, I'm gonna make a dignified exit, lift my legs with both my hands, lie down on bed and crash.

I do, after all, deserve tonight's sleep don't I?


Yours shopping-ly,


Foot-note: Oh btw, we ended up taking both the above mentioned colours at the end of the day. Yes, these shop-keepers are a nasty influence on us gullible juntha. But what to do? Both colours were stunning. So much for complexion, flattery and all that jazz.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Looks like I won't be needing that cat after all.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I hear Valentine's Day is round the corner.

Think I should buy myself a cat.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Girl and her Make-over

There was once a girl I knew
Whose need for a make-over wantonly grew,
Till one day she thought,
A parlour, why not?
A few hundreds would help her look anew.

So off she skipped to the place,
On fixing an appointment just in case.
It felt rather strange,
That she needed a change
From the old look she strived to erase.

Slowly as the hours passed,
She waited anxiously to compare and contrast.
But to her utmost dismay,
The makeover they'd conveyed,
Seemed to be horribly-terribly miscast.

Despite all the flattery there,
She said to them fare and square.
That the work they'd done,
Looked like a prank for fun!
And that it would invite nothing but an embarassing glare.

Having said, she went back home,
Feeling so forlorn, enraged and glum.
Because the makeover she tried to see
Was just not meant to be,
But, she still wasn't rid of the syndrome.

A sudden idea by which she was inspired,
Gave her that makeover for which she'd perspired.
She spent all the time she could get,
After logging into the Internet,
To achieve what she really desired.

The Blog she'd treasured for long,
Looked like it could do with a new song.
So she removed all the green,
Threw in some yellow, black and some *bees,
After which her blog just seemed to look strong.

This was the Makeover she wanted all along!
And all of a sudden, nothing seemed so wrong.

So, here's to my make-over. The makeover of some sort.

So long! :)

*Bees doesn't rhyme with green the way Limericks would customarily be structured...but what the heck, sue me.