Sunday, July 8, 2007

Go Figure!

Lets see..

5 Jumbo Jangiris/Jilebees
(Courtesy: Surya Sweets, Mylapore)
2 Raj kachoris
2 fat Samosas
1/2 packet of mixture (the other half being devoured by yours truly the previous day itself)
1 big Mango
3 Vaazhapazhams (Bananas for the un-informed in Tamil)
1 packet of Top Ramens Smoodles
1 Packet of Krishna Potato cheeps

...All this in addition to the customary 'Rasam' and Curd rice with vendakkai-poriyal ; A combination I can't do without before hitting the sack.

Well...if you're still here and haven't fainted yet, you could read this too.

Today, most evidently, I had a diet any model would die for (or actually, die with).
What model, most of my friends would crave for this sooper combination of food-items considering that some of them have really transformed into Divine-Goddesses ever since we got out of college...all this while I'm radically turning into a plump-kush-ball.
They all have the will-power. And I don't.
No,actually its the other way round....I have all the will power to gorge in all the food I set my eyes upon ...while tragically, my friends don't.
(slight call for SOS here!)

Off late, I've been forced to confront this insatiable urge of mine that makes me devour anything I can lay my hands on and this activity of eating like theres no tomorrow, is performed by me with such elan you know...absolutely no guilt, no prudence over the dire repercussions I have to face once all that I've gorged in, has turned into un-digested (or digested...whatever!) fat which gets deposited in all the unwanted places (not like there are many wanted places...but I'm not getting into all that).

The fact that I'm unable to refrain from thulping in everything I see (well..almost everything, I most conveniently happen to stay away from healthy food. damn!) doesn't really seem disturb me as much as the fact that I am un-perturbed by my over-indulgence.

Too complex a sentence? Lets re-word it.

The very fact that I'm shamelessly un-perturbed by my herculean appetite, perturbs me and I seriously don't know what I ought to do about it. I'm always hungry. Period.

Do scientists have a cure for hunger?
'Well,of course you', you might say.
But isn't that my problem in the first place?
Too much food?
Aren't we back to where we started?

hmm...ok,I don't intend to publicize my problems over the internet (yeah right..thats what this blog was for, anyway). To his own, each problem (That would have sounded much better in Latin.Ignorance..hmph! )

Anyways, I'm working on it.
Well, ok...its not really a nerve-wrecking problem 'n all, when benchmarked with poverty in Somalia, venal Governments, Global Warming, and unmarried girls in my family .... one or two words of wisdom and encouragement will do ;)

Until then, all I can say to myself is..

Goooooooooo Figure!!

8 Confounded-souls had something to say:

beetlejuice said...

ooohhh itz analogy time baby!

i can soooo understand wat ur goin thru...atleast for u u managed to lose all tat baby fat of urz (god knowz hw) admirably and nw u can 'afford' to i am...lost n put on loadz...n still goin strng!emotional eatin or nt i dno...stressful eatin or nt i dno...but eatin it is!

itz a phase n im sure ul get outta it...considrin tat it doesnt leave wit all tat irritatin guilt i go harm indulgin gurlie!

Bhaumik said...

Hey!! Same pinch.. My stomach too always has an insatiable urge to gulp down as much food as i can.. am spending atleast 100 bucks a day on food, though the food is not costly here... ;-)
Irony of the destiny as it may seem, but i don't even increase a gram of my weight even by gulping tons of food... these genes r playing the trick, maybe..

But u dont have to worry about ur weight.. U don't look fat at all.. Seriously.. u rather look cute with those chubby cheeks... :-D
SO, Keep on eating Mayth!!! Come what may.. ;)

raman said...

Hey i agree with Bhaumik..u dont luk one..
Stop worrying keep eating..but can u seriously hog all that one go?

MaYtH!! said...

@Beetlejuice: Thnx Preeths! I dont see this hunger trip mellowing down for now... your right though, guiltless gorging is far less painful than otherwise.... we should meet up one of these weekends are gorge together ;)

@Bhaumik: hehe...I'll surely take your advice, I'll have to make sure I fit into Suresh's bus next time we go on a trip ;)

MaYtH!! said...

@Raman: Well Raman.... you'd have ta see it to believe it;)
There's noooo stopping a hungry gal :D

bharani said...

first of all.... fat gettin' deposited in all the wrong places?....what are those?...

second of all... unmarried girls in your family, please give them my number....

third of all...seriously, really good blog, i know of mp3 blogs, podcasting, adult blog...this one of urs transcends many blog categories....anyway, "thayir saadhum and vendakka combo"...still at it eh?... yeah u eat whatever u want, but better start thinnin' down when i come down there, cuz u are gonna feel guilty after lookin at me....

Azhvaarkadiyan said...

@Confounded~Lady: "Rasam"?? I thought you would call it "Sathamudhu". "Curd rice"?? I thought you would call it "Thachchi-Mammu". Anyways !!!!

MaYtH!! said...

@B: Dont make me cry! I'mtrying my not to out do you in putting weight ;)

Btw.... I ve given your number to some of the mamis in my street...please dont be alarmed to hear them over the phone :P

@Azhvaarkadiyan: Yaar idu? Thachi-mammu lam sollindu? ;)