Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Days of our Lives

Much against popular assumption of the masses that yours truly is no where to be seen in the eyes of the public because she is insanely busy shopping her guts out for the 'impending Big event*' (iBE) , I would like to strongly refute by saying that shopping is least of the things I'm doing in this godforsaken fAreen country.

Well.. Ok, if you do take into account the tonnes of Twix bars I've devoured, some 9 tops, cargos, and that $40 pair of jeans I've bought from Debenhams , yes I have been doing a some amount of justice to the feminine side of me, but thats nothing in the eyes of my friends and relatives in India who think that I've come to this country 'wonly' to shop for the 'iBE*', when the truthful purpose behind my visit here is to just spend time with my dad and mom. It doesn't make a difference where I am you know, I'll shop till I drop where ever I am. Hmph.

So what exactly am doing if I'm not robbing all ye shops of your riches :O?
See we're just an Aapee family spending all the time we can get indoors watching SunTv and AsiaNet while I twiddle my thumbs and wait for my most favouritest show on SunTV and AsiaNet(where there is incidentally no such thing) to be telecast. In other words, I have no purpose sitting in front of the Telly too, so it all comes down to just sitting in the living room and watching crap on TV, but enjoying it just the same 'cos we're all watching it 'together', which is a rarety in the very thought. See, that why I love this trip despite the all pervading nothingness. I think.
This joy of sitting in a full house, however, is shortlived as I fear that my Visa expires in a few weeks time and I'll have to go back to an incomplete home. I'll try not to forget to blog on my sorrow then. You just try not to forget to read it. :D

*Sigh*...I missed this space, the yellowness, the orange-ness, the whiteness, the confounded-ness.

Oh well, life is a lot more peaceful at the moment and that sadly gives me less reason to crib and even more sadly, lesser reason to blog. Peace.
Reminds me of a quote from the Holy Bhagavad Githa...

'Always be grateful for your cookies for tomorrow the cookie monster
might take 'em away'

Ok I think I overdid the Bhagavad Githa bit trying to sound all maha intellectual 'n all, so sue me. Nevertheless, I SO think the above line would have sound groovy in Latin or in Sanskrit. What do you think?

*iBE: Think of the biggest event in an Indian family's life. Now double it. Yes, thats the impending Big Event

20 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Goda Ramkumar said...

"Together" Wow I just remembered there was a word like that in English. I think I heard it ages back :D. Thanks for bringing back my lost memory.

Anonymous said...

iBE ku orru explanation vera. periya chidambara ragasiyam.

What akka, such a long wait and you have so little to say :p

wt said...

welcome to the shopholics anonymous! :) hope you got that new indigo wash.:D

enjoy huppy times with Amma & Appa, blog can wait! :)

Okie Dokie said...

Po! This post reeks of auntiness.

Anonymous said...

Auntie :)

Anonymous said...


- oops...!

PREETI said...

Aha! Shopping in is a shopper's paradise ritE? Esp if they let me inside Jawad or Aswaq, il shop till i drop on all the cookies and chocolates thr! :D hahahaha!

When u gettin bak??? we shud catch up...other than in the blog world alone :(

say hi to aunty n unc for me...and anyone else arnd bahrain we used to know ;)

luv ya!

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

Didn't you just half the price of the jeans? :-?

Am still pondering over what the cookies are and who the cookie monster who is going to come tomorrow is.. :-?

mayth!! said...

Aaama, togetherness is a rare concept these days. Everyone's getting used to solitude. :|

:D I'm sure I'll come up with something soulfully stirring. Please believe me :P

Awww.... Fankoo :D
INdigo wash? :O Sounds funda...I have to get!! :O
What is it aana? :-?



Confounded-Lady said...

hehe..yes it indeed is shoppers paradise. I just went to Um-al-hassam last my, the nostalgia came soaring into my head!
That old building....cha! :)
Ashwaq is still a charm :d
Anyways....oh yes, catching up will happen when I get back ...big time. YOu see :D

Thathuvam kaeta anubhavikkanum...kaelvi lam kaekapdaadu, ketiya?
btw...jeans lam $40 thaan...ada vida vaangina, mAthapitharou will disown me :P

--xh-- said...

'It doesn't make a difference where I am you know, I'll shop till I drop where ever I am.' ROTFL.. :)

kutti said...

iBE-kku ungalukku ellam thaan ore shopping..... the groom is paavam :-) onnum kedayaathu!!! :-(

Coconut Chutney said...

Ah..Bahrain. Haven't been there, but I've gone to Dubai. Oh man, that place is beyond awesome! I bought a $40 pair of cargos too! :D Not debenhams though. The other place. Woolworths.

wt said...

lol, was referring to the indio wash jeans babe! :D

Confounded-Lady said...

Ya no? :D

Paavam lam also is kashtam you know :D Lots of stamina venum

Hi-five gurl! Woolsworth is awesome, just that sometimes the price tags have big numbers. Neverthess, I got myself aswimsuit from there in 9th grade. I still use it :D

Oh :D But of course :D

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

bahrain's lost and found system seems to be effective :p

mayth!! said...

aiyengAr-vAL: Echooch 'lost' me there.
Enna lost-found-system-effective? :/

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

but, WHT isnt the confounded-lady doing what is being assumed and just shoppin for the iBE?

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...


oops, typos. *sheepish grin*

PREETI said...

Um AL Hassam!

*Runs away crying*