Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom, don't click that.

I've always been weary of my mom knowing her way around the Internet. Not that I had any problems with her snooping around my desktop or my folders which are an in-house for all those love-letters I got during my school and college days*, its just that I've always thought that the Internet was a pretty un-safe place for the likes of my mom who is perpetually intrigued by its nuances and hops from one site to another on a continual basis.

We've come a long way, my mom's love for the Internet and I. She was a fast learner right from the beginning, as in right from the day I taught her how to hold the mouse and convinced her that she wasn't going to get anywhere useful unless she looked at the monitor and not at her right hand on the mouse. Did I mention fast learner? Funny.
But yes she's evolved enormously. She now chats with my chithis and perimas using smileys 'n all with such enviable ease :O (albeit the typos *straight-face*)
Now that's my mom! You go gurl!! :D

However, whats irked me of late is a new friendship request she accepted, unintentionally. His name is Aneesh Gopee and I haven't the faintest idea how he chanced upon my Mom's Yahoo! ID that too when herYahoo! ID is predominantly known to maamis only, with an average age 56.5 (there you go, clean stats). I don't think I can fetch the right words to describe her contacts amongst the maami circle. The popular joke at home is 'Are you maami? Mylapore a?? Srinivasar Kovil a? Besh..Thats nice. What did you say your email ID was ?' :P

So coming back to the anonymous franseep request, considering that Aneesh is not maami and neither is he 55, I was starting to get really disturbed to see his ID in my mom's friend's list. When I asked my mom what on earth she was thinking when she accepted his request, I get a classic 'Therila di.....I was trying to close the window and get it done with, so I kept clicking on finish'.
Classic reply indeed :P

He's apparently seen my mom online today and asked her her age and whether she was a doctor or something. Talk about class pickup lines :P I was there with my mom when that message popped up.I don't remember the conversation following that cos I was extremely busy rolling over the floor laughing, but my mom happened to very neatly convince him that she was a doctor. She stopped typing after he started asking questions of course, but I've had my laughter quotient for today.
For this week actually.

I cant wait till she goes online tomorrow...or I could perhaps fill in for her?
Now there's a thought.

I don't know...Life's been the least bit boring of late.

* Last I heard that my mom visits this blog regularly. I was just kidding about the love-letters ma, you didn't have to faint for that. Please get up now... you still have to teach me how to make malai-kofta *colon-pipe*

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Anonymous said...

Lol! I think you're being quite an influence on your mother (alluding to the smileys and typos)
Lol on the mom-maami circuit. My moms like that too.

Tell us more :D


Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

I have no clue as to what connection typos have with pots and kettles, but somehow those were the words that came to my mind :p

adi said...

hilarious! You might want to scatter some love letters here and there in your computer, and see what happens next. And that would be another blog post. mast idea hai na?

Okie Dokie said...

How does it matter now if you had had 10 flames before? You are a maami now.

Maami maami maami.

Prinson said...

first time coming across here,,,

it is smooth............

and i liked ur last post.

Actually the way you put it.

Sridevi said...

Don't be so mean. Give her some thrill. Me a mommy too. Have a lot of friends. I have seen that rolling style laughter at home. Anyways I am allowed to peep into my daughter's chats occasionally.

Think she is not cool!...should see her.

Have fun gals!

Anonymous said...

Interesting... !

Try filling up for ur mom next time & pulling his leg.! & yes keep us posted.

I have been trying to convince my parents in vain on getting anywhere near the PC..! :|

-- Oops...!

wt said...

ahahaha...moms are so chamath! :D rofl@ the pickup line.
my amma has been on a roll as well, since her online presence! i try to weed out the requests she receives through emails though.:)

mathew said...

I think all of us have seen it form our parents..its always fun teachin them the nuances of internet..Like my uncle whenver the PC is down, the standard question is "aahh..maybe the motherboard is not working" .He has no clue what a motherboard is..but just for the heck of it!!;-P

Idling in Top Gear said...

Haha - Good read. I'm terrified of my parents being on the Internet. I worry that someday she'll fall for a "Click here for a free eversilver dabba" pop-up and enter her credit card info!

Though, I have one better - or worse, depending on your POV - my 11 yr old cousin once sent me an invite to a "dating" network! I was like, don't these places verify that you're 18!

Goda Ramkumar said...

LOL! I love ur mommy (Maami). I guess it is time we all learned how to answer uncomfortable questions from her :P As u said, Classic reply.

I wonder if that guy will trust any doc in his life once he gets to know!

Love letters a? Neeya ?:O
Well, tried to sound like what you were hearing 3 months back. Neeya Kalyanama?

Confounded-Lady said...

Oh is she? Then your mom and my mom should meet ;;)

You mean the ones that make noise when flying out the kitchen? ;;) :P

Sure, I could do that. My mom would have me arrested :P

I may be maami, but I'm younger than you..thatha :P

Thank you :)

How old is your lil gurl? ;;)

I sure will :D Think it requires you to be with them..and not a million miles away from home.

Confounded-Lady said...

hehe... mommies get a lot of attention I see :D

Lol..that was cute! :))

Oh that bad...sometimes the creditcard sites do us more damage than the older-than-18-only sites. :D

Yeah, I was kidding about the love letters. I have em all in my Gmail archives :P

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Cutest post ever!! :D

Women just turn cuter when they become mummy-woman, i tell you!

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

things flying out of the kitchen? i wouldn't know.. may be someone close to you would know in a few months time :p

Coconut Chutney said...

lol! chancey illa! thankfully, my mom is sill clueless about the internet. hope it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. like cc said, our mom is still clueless about the internet.
Nice post. Good read.
Please post a sequel to this. :)
- your style guru ;) (varsha)

Confounded-Lady said...

LOL...I ll say! But they re cuter when they let you patronise them :D

:D Let me practice by throwing tawa from here.
Tell me when it reaches your head :D ;)

Varsha and cc:
Adaan matter-u. Make sure the big ones are less informed always :D

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

This is an automated bot standing in for Mr. Ramkumar R. Aiyengar. I have determined to a reasonable degree of confidence that my master is presently unconscious. Further analysis has revealed that this was due to an impact with an Unidentified Flying Object at 7:13 AM BST today morning near 0.06 W 51.42 N. This is to inform you that further responses from my master will ensue once he regains consciousness.

The 64b 6b Bot

PREETI said...

Ok, mayth, u got me hyper ventilating here..Aunty knows abt blogs...Aunty visits blogs...Does she know im herE?? I'm preeti?

Uh, aunty? This isnt Bahrain la Um-Al-Hassam, 3rd floor Preeti...Honest! I don't know Deepti or Sudeep or Friya...Promise! I'm some random Preeti...Who has a sister named Dolly...

Ayo! Have i said too much???

P.S: Please help!

mayth!! said...

Dear bot,

I had thrown a flying tawa just so that you identify what it is after all that hit your master.
I had sent some paneer in that tawa, best compliments from me.

Do attend to your master and make sure he's up and running. Any inconvenience caused on account of tawa is regretted (sly smirk)



HAHHA,..that was maha cute. She knows that you blog...shes yet to jump into yours. Didnt think she had to read yours considering I'm trying to camouflage mine these days. But if you think you could use an extra comment...I'd be more than glad to do the honours :D :D :D

mmmuaah to aunty and uncle! :D

Preeti said...

*profuse nail biting*

I'm till scared! :-/

rads said...

hehe, pora rate le paatha, the differences between maami, mommy and daughter are all fading. It's a case of the blind leading the blind :p

Actually, come to think of it, am quite sure my mom would do some major circus on the net if we only let her be...

skeptic saint said...

lol...hey really let her have the love letters...that wld be some fun...

skeptic saint said...

lol...hey really let her have the love letters...that wld be some fun...

mayth!! said...

Preets:'re in safe hands :) :D

Ahem...I'm not mami, if thats what your insinuating. I'm very particular about that :P

Umm..I dont think we'd wanna see that, trust me :P

Deepa Dev said...

mayth you absolutely crack me up... love your posts... I was in office when I actually snorted out laughing at the part abt the mouse and the monitor!! keep em coming ...

and oh yeah, hi aunty! (just in case you are reading this) :D

mayth!! said...

Hey Deepa!!
Thanks a lot :) Great to see you here....ippo thaan seeing comment :|

See you around more in the Blogosphere :)

shail said...

Rocking post. I like that about her clicking 'finish' Awwww.... And she really convinced the guy that she was a doc??!! :O
I must make my children read this post just to see their expression once again!! Lol. I still remember the time my son told the girls in his class who came to him with some doubt, 'Look at my Mom, she is better than you girls and finds things on her own' Too dangerous it was, that statement making me float, he almost lost me to the wind that day! :-)))))))

Confounded-Lady said...

Hey Shail..thanks!

Am off to read your post now :)