Monday, August 27, 2007


Scenario: 21:10 hrs, Four of us at the Wooden-Tables beside the salad counter, Canteen.

Shyamala's taken a day off today, she's not feeling well (sure, whatever you say lady )
Renu's no where in the scene..she's perhaps decided to stay back at the cubicle and wait for Damu and Subin to take her place (I absolve thee Miss.Paulose)
Surosa has broken her leg and is at home sending us senti-senti friendhip sms'es. Veena 's on call as usual and Krati..well, I just dont know where Krati is.

So,where does that bring me?
Well, it brings me to the wooden tables opposite the Salad Bar at the canteen, with just 3 gentlemen (out of the 10 members at work)- Damu, Subin and Ravi (my precious teamie )

Now, normally these guys are a pleasure to dine with. We'd have a vibrant discussion on multi-farious topics ranging from the intricacies of Vaishnavaite philosophy to Kurt Cobain.

But today's not like that. There's a Cricket match on (or so I discover, from the abominable silence at the table).
My reaction to cricket-matches these days is '*Yawn* Nice... Can you pass me the salt please?'

I witness 40 minutes of silence at the dinner table while these 3 men have their heads tilted at an angle of 45 degrees gazing intently at the telly placed directly on top of my head.

Dinner time at work is very precious and I/we generally treasure every minute of it.
Not that we're made to work like cattle and are facing a severe time crisis at work or anything(Hell no! I love my boss. Well, when there's an appraisal on its way, why wouldn't I?), its just that its the only common time we have to do some friendly bantering and catch up with the chaos in everyone's team. We really enjoy it and we really do look forward to it. I know I do.

Silence at the dinner table? I mean, thats unheard of ..unless one of us was being paid to shut-up or all of us were feeding on our Canteen's special glue...sorry, halwa. Our team wouldn't know silence even if it bit us in our ear.
Today...well, I could have strangled my self and these guys wouldnt have noticed.

Next time theres a match, I'm heading straight to the Salad bar and dining with some of the married ladies there. I'd rather hear them blah-blah nonsense all day long than not have a a single word at dinner.


8 Confounded-souls had something to say:

mathew said...

Lol!! well i guess not many are interested in cricket anymore..

Atleast they are not watching a chess tournament where a garry kasparov will wait for an hour to make a move!! ;-P

Lavanya said...

I swear, crickets a frickin disease when it comes to men!! Disease!!

wacko said...

ahem ahem...come on..the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM is only becoming worse to get our attention diverted...dont worry when we guys will start jabbering in the near future whenever any cricket match is on..tis in a pathetic state!

Still searching said...

Oh, I miss hanging out with my teammates, assorted variety of loonies though they were, at lunch time in office! And I agree, cricket matches make me go yawn too, except the World Cup!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I read your comment on the dreams post, and totally agree with it! :)

Mridhulaa said...

lol, nice blog you got here...
cricket gets interesting only during the last 10 overs, seriously...

Mayth!! said...

@Mathew: *sigh* Times..they are a changing... but Men and cricket...I rest my case :D

@Lavanya: You said it. Epidemic is the world, during the world cup.

@Wacko: Men's enthusiasm on cricket... I dont think its much dependent on the perfomrance of the team... it just keeps 'em going on. like shoes and Lip Gloss for us I guess :D

Mayth!! said...

@ Still searching: Glad you stopped by :) Ah! Whats life without a bunch of loonies beside you ;)

@Mridhula: Last 10 overs. I soo agree with you. :D

Anonymous said...

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