Friday, August 10, 2007

To Sir, with Love..

I hum when I work. Ok, this time I happened to hum a bit louder than usual and people around me tell me I broke off into a (slightly loud) song. Unfortunately, I didn’t really realize that. I never really do, until Aravinthan comes over to my cubicle to tell me to put a sock in it. My boo-boo.

A leader from the neighboring tower stood up and gave me a cold glare and even worse, threatened to escalate if I went any louder. Boy, that’s sure made my day. This will be the first escalation of its type.

Slightly embarrassed and a whole lot furious ,I scream out (after the royal sermon-giver has left the area of course) that I hate this place I work for. I can’t do anything without music against my ears (headphones mind you)….. and unfortunately without a mild hum too. You want people to work dead silently and go ra-ta-tup tup at their key-boards all day without the slightest sound/noise?…well fine, I’ll give you that. But, not without silent curse at you under my breath. (not that that’s really threatening, but I’m told a curse with a clean heart, and plenty of faith will actually work :P)

Its at moments like these, I solemnly swear that I will break free from this crazy claustrophobic work-place given the slightest chance. And, that day, is not too far away from now.
Till then, sir, Fcuk you.
Lots of Love.

6 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Ramkumar said...

hmm... I guess you used the blogosphere to send a strong enough message... :D

Venkatesh A.R. said...

i can understand how much u cannot live without music :-D

raman said...

Hey that makes it 3 pepal..
u taklu n ofcourse ME!

Mayth!! said...

@Ramkumar: Well, looks like this blog is serving me some purpose after all. Cant always swear out loud in public can i? :P

@Venk: :-)

@Raman: Of course...we're one of a kind arent we? ;)

beetlejuice said...

consider urself lucky u cn listen to music.....imagine a bunch of japs, gibberish and pin drop silence...sheer torture lemme tell u...

Mayth!! said...

Yea Preeth :)