Thursday, December 13, 2007

ZtheZ - Zapping the Zit

Zit-zit go away,
Come again another day...
...Confounded Lady wants to play,
So scoot from the top of my forehead you mean thingamabop.

Ok, that didn't quite rhyme, so lets try this one more time shall we.

Zit-zit go away
Dont come again another day
This isnt the place for you to stay,
SO just quit my forehead, okay..?

There is something about female hormones that makes them do unkind things to us dainty creatures especially when least anticipate them. I'm sure I'd have the entire female fraternity agreeing with me when I say that the cruelest curse bestowed upon women (after the monthly bleeding we endure of course) is the 'Curse of the Zit'

To the particularly naive or inexperienced (read horribly-lucky souls), the 'zit' is a bright-pink ugly blob that sprouts up out of nowhere one fine day, on the most strategic spot of your face.
Be it on top of your nose which makes you look like Rudolph with measles or on your left cheek which over shadows that cute dimple, the zit can more than just ruin your face, it can very well ruin your day. Red, after all, looks great on women, but certainly not on their faces.

Its more than just that for me.
This coldblooded contrivance is so craftily schemed by my body in such a way that my hormones run their wildest especially when I'm all pepped up for an incredibly important occasion where I'd be expected to look my very best. I've noticed the pattern all these years now.... be it my class photo in class XII, my college farewel, my cousin's engagement, my best friend's wedding, or the most-recent-testimony-to-theory my cousin's Grihapravesham, there is one common factor in all these special occasions in my life - The Zit on my face.

Having my skin crystal clear throughout the month and having a spherical blob the size of Bulgaria pop up exactly 20 hours before a public event, is nothing I'm unaccustomed to. But this time for my cousin's Grihapravesham, I refused to give in. I was determined NOT be seen with that bright red blob in all the pics that were to be taken.
So what did Yours Truly end up doing?
Zap it. Thats right.
Zap the Zit.

Let me just tell you that its a world acknowledged fact to leave your zits untouched tell they disappear on their own..and 'Zapping the zit' (ZtheZ) is not exactly wisest thing to do to yourself.
I'm not gonna go into all the messy details of what I went through after that painful ordeal of ZtheZ.
I'll let the scar it left on my face do the talking.


So dark the con of woman I say.
So dark the con of woman.

12 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

:) That was an extremely graphic post and should have been accompanied by suitable warnings. The Censor board will need to look into this.

Btw, in addition to hormones, zits are also related to stress.

Ramkumar said...

Its your liking for pink I say! ;)

Ok said...

Yewww, yewww and more yewww! I am checking myself into trauma rehab.

Anyway, this is v v v v v similiar to what happens to Eric Foreman, in the That 70s show.


P.S. Why dont you have a warning up-front for pavam people like BPSK and me?

Coconut Chutney said...

Zits should be banned.
Like Smallpox.

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@BPSK-OK: Sorry guys. :D I'll make up for this by my next post on daisies and pink ribbons ;)

@Ram: Sigh...I'm switching loyalties to blue now. :D

@CC: Touche!

Vaij said...

Its all in the game child. Btw, now I know why you told me to just see the video quit the blog :P

♥busy_writer♥ said...


clearsil or garnier pure and cure or sumthin works!

dont switch channels whn its advertisements time, mayth :P

--xh-- said...

oops... thatz as bad as getting an upset stomach before a grand buffet... hope the scar gets over soon.. i hv seen my ex using some garnier or something else to fight Zits and it was useful. may be u could try that...

preeti said...

temme abt it...i soooo knw wat u mean...for me itz bdayz...u dno the fuss i do abt my bday...plan it out to mke everythin special...n then it happenz....n u knwz watz even wrose than a zit...??? 2! or more! man oh man!

iv tried it all- grnier, toothpaste, clove paste, blah blah..nothin workz bt sheer patience...n bein a make up freak, lemme tell u...concelaer cn do wonderz! cntct me for more detailz ;)


mayth!! said...

@vaij: Video blog much sensible. Plus patriotism might get me some extra brownie points ;)

@busy_writer: lol...sure, looks like there is some good in these corny ads after all :D

@xh: Nice :) Looks like even guys know more than me now ;)

@preeti: Heh...thanks gurl! I sure could use some words of wisdom from you.

Kalyan said...

lovely reading...hmmm will have to think about this zits factor!

sha said...

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