Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Befuddled and Not-so-Bemused.

Excepting for senti-dialogues thrown at me unexpectedly and my mom's impeccable timing for an argument, there are a very few things in this planet that leave me flustered or make me succumb to inarticulate-fumblings during a conversation.

However, much to my dismay, I've recently come to realise that Yours Loquaciously isn't invincible after all (sob!) and is astonishingly incapable of handling certain critical questions posed at her wherein which she is forced to go parch on words.

Questions that leave me frightfully befuddled:

1. "Whats up? "

The worst one of them all. This one leaves me super-stumped without fail.
Try as I might, I just cannot think of a suitable reply for this question. Period.

All of its amusing varieties- the rhetoric version of 'whats up' or the cool-slurry 'ssup girlie', leave me equally tongue tied, wondering whether to give my cliched 'Oh..err..nothing really' reply or just a sheepish grin. Or do I really tell them whats up? Do they really want to know?
I don't know.
I really don't know.

2. "So...what else? "

Kitchens run out of butter, houses run out of soap (pardon my ingenious exmaples that scream pathetic all over). If a conversation runs out of topics to sustain its existence, its only decent to bail out.
'So..what else?' is NOT the ideal way to protract this conversation. Not with me.
This one SO puts me off that I just want to flee at that very instant, let alone rattle my head for a witty comeback.


3. "What plans for future?"

Invasion of Cambodia. Thats my future plan. Interested any further?

4. " So, (sly grin) when are you getting married?"

Now really, does it honestly matter to you when I'm getting married? Actually, do you really think I wouldn't let you know if and when I knew?

I mean, for the eternal loud-mouth I am, I'd probably be screaming at the top of my lungs from roof tops once I was getting hitched. Trust me, I'm no Saif Ali Khan on this one. So, why don't we just save me from becoming all squeamish when we're were doing just fine so far?


Except for the above mentioned, I really am delightful company if I do say so myself and you may very well invite me for high-tea whenever you want, and I shall gladly do the honours of indulging in professional small-talk. Not to mention, the weather and everybody's health. (Courtesy: Henry Higgins)

I really do have problems, don't I?

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Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Good thing you don't have the American "how's it hanging" on your list. I am trying to imagine how you would answer that question. :p

Anonymous said...

Okie Lady,

1. Accepted.

2. Acceptable.

3. Y Cambodia, May i know? Any specific reasons? :P
Here start my questions again. You know, i am an expert at it. Aint?

4. Guess it depends from person to person. Wanna know Y i say that? Now.

An interesting person & character i must say.
Though not a self accepted-confessed specimen like me - Right?

Next time we catch up, I would try to change the question format.

PS: Did u miss this? How was your week end? ;)

-- Oops

K.. said...

well, question #4's seriousness depends on who puts it forth..... if its a single guy, maybe u can take it as a cue ;-)

Divakar said...

Well,I've been a regular but silent reader of your blogs.But this one had me in splits...:)

good job.Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't know, the standard response for a "wassup" would usually be "nothing much".
Hope this helps.

bharani said...


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

uh oh, "hows life treating you?" is the worst ever question.

dunno, makes me feel like some victum of sexual abuse or somethin.

negative vibes. hence, bad question.

lol funny post nyway! cuuute, twas :D

Confounded-Lady said...

@BPSK: Lol..! I surely dont wanna imagine what my expression would be for that one :P

@Oops: err... Ideally, all of the questions you ask belong to this post. :P

P.S.: No Oops, I didnt miss that question of yours even one bit.

@K:Lol... I'll try not to forget that from now on ;)

Confounded-Lady said...

@Divakar: Thanks a lot Divakar! You just made my day! Do keep visiting :)

@Anonymous: Thanks! :D

@B: Is that the best you could do?

@Busy-Writer: Lol..!Yeah BW, some questions dont have any variety in them. I think How are you is the lamest actually :P

Anonymous said...

Do you blame ppl for wanting to know what your plans for the future are? And when your getting married?!

Shruti said...

OMG I don't believe this!! This is my first visit here and I see a post just like one I wrote some time ago. Do check out this one and you'll know what I'm talking about!

Confounded-Lady said...

@Anonymous2: Yes :P

@Shruthi: Whoa! Creepy.

Coconut Chutney said...

Awesome post :)

One of my friends was notorious for her famous question "I'm right, right?"

She'd expect the truth but any answer in the tone of negation would automatically qualify for a punch.

We'd usually say stuff like "Oh man, I'm really hungry, Canteen poganum."


ÕHARINIÕ said...

hey u dont have probs lol.....loved the post...evry single one is sooo totally true....cio den

Confounded-Lady said...

CC: I right, right eh? I can imagine how annoying that can be over a period of time :)

Fankoooo! :)

Ramkumar said...

hmm.. interesting.. so.. what's up? :p

Confounded-Lady said...

Hi Ramkumar. I dont know you :P