Sunday, January 27, 2008

Janma sAbalyam


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♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

huh? what on earth does the title mean eh?
janma is um, life? by any slight chance?

Anonymous said...

The first firm step has been kept. When is the second step?

All the best & best of luck. God be with you.

-- Oops...!

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

aah, sooperb writer,driver and singer as well?? cool cool...what did u sing by the way???

--xh-- said...

wow, congratz... and all teh best :)

Confounded-Lady said...



hehe...lets just add the master of none part to that. Sang Dikshitr and Thyagaraja krithis :)

Thanks a bill xh! :)

Anonymous said...

So you did it a?


P.S. Usually this question is reserved for something else;)

Confounded-Lady said...

Well, yes I finally did it.

(Absolutely NO PUN intended! ) ;)


Bala said...

good day sow maythini!
glad to come across yet another vibrant musician in the offing!!

heard about ur recent concert in the temple and also about the "maragatHavalliM"[:)]!!(u know the source, hee..heeeee!!)!!!

wish u a wonnerful musical carreer!!AVB for ur acads, too!

with best wishes
bala/0855 hours/MEST/4th february

Confounded-Lady said...

Hey hey! So we have a common friend there do we? ;)
Smashing! Thanks for the wishes. They mean a lot to me, really.

Bala said...

not ONE, but THREE[:)]!!
keep rocking!

Confounded-Lady said...


Three??!! [:O]

NOW you've got me curious!!

Bala said...

good evening, sow maythini!!
well, yaarungardhu, how-ngaradhu mukyam illaaa....
avaallaaam romba sowkyamaanva!! that#s in simple terms!

the appreciations, wishes shold reach the intended person, for their doings.....adhudhan important!!info kidachadhu, greet pannean!! avlovdhan!

i am happy to have done that!!

with best wishes
bala/1610 hours/MEST/6th feb

Confounded-Lady said...

Yes sir! (just now clicked on your link and discovered that you are more than just a 'sir''re a doctor sir ;)

Mikka nandree again :)

Bala said...

good day sow maythini!!hee..heeee!!!thanks a TON for ur thanks! i "hate" receiving thanks from others, so pl. NO more thanks to me!!!
"thanks" for understanding![:P]!!

listened to the "sri srinivasa perumal koil" concert!

nice selection of kriTHis!!!

brilliant start with a "bang" - sAvEri!!!(unfortunately recording was terribly bad, a bit noisy too!).....

nice sketch of pUrNacandrikA; guess it was "chankha-chakra-gadhA pANiM"!!! a brilliant song by thalaivar!!! very nicely presented!!
(again audio was bad - could not follow/enjoy the lyrics - especially in the mid segment!)!!

well "controlled" panTHuvarALi!! very well supported in violin and mrudhahgam! very nice swaras, and tempo maintained throughout, as is expected in this rAgA!!

"sumaaraana" NaLinakAnTHi!!![:(]!!

beautiful bHairaVi!!!! "sowkyam" is my word for that!!!! romba anusaranayAna vAsipu!!! unfortunately i had the feeling that this kriTHi ended abruptly[:(]!!!

kutti viRuTHam, followed by dHarmaVaTHi - dhamAkA!!! started off very well, but a bit pacy in the end! still, wonnerful!!![:)]!!

very "crisp" mangalam!!!

a couple of points before i close this!
(a) as i mentioned earlier, excellent selection of songs -on "namma ommachi"!!!!
befitting the "utsavam"!!!

(b) the renditions had the style/ flavour of shri TNS!!! if you are his student, i would say U R Blessed!

thanks a TON for uploading this and wish U scale many heights!

keep rocking!!!!!

with best wishes
bala/1930 hours/MEST/7th february

Confounded-Lady said...

Adiyaen dAsan!
A review on my firshtu concert.
Thats JUST what the 'doctor' proscribed (pun unintended of course) :D

You've made me as excited as a kid in a candy shop. Will improvise :D

Anonymous said...

Question: Janma sAbalyam. I thought this was the start. For sAbalyam u stil have got a long way to go i guess... Am i wrong or mistaken?

-- Oops.

Confounded-Lady said...

Just thought it was one. Thats all . :)

Musical Scientist said...

What a wonderful concert that was. Thanks a lot for the treat Mayth and all the best for a bright, musical future :).

Confounded-Lady said...

Your very kind Sai :D
But I'm still a kid amidst the learned like you all.
Peace. :)