Sunday, March 30, 2008

Geographic coordinates: 26 00 N, 50 33 E

Location: Middle East, archipelago in the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia

Climate: arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers

This place used to be Home for me. It still some sense.

Ah, it feels great to be back Home. It certainly does.

Yet...I have a feeling that I still miss 'Home'.

I miss 'Home'.

Do you like...get me?

26 Confounded-souls had something to say:

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

No. :|

Vasumathi said...

yes ;-)

--xh-- said...

yeah.. on a vecation trip to 'home'?

gunj said...

i think i do!!

Wanderlust said...

U got married??

Ramkumar said...

see! didn't i claim that you were a Bahraini girl? :p

Confounded-Lady said...

I'm at Home now. But its not exactly 'Home' you see. :D

You would know wouldnt you :)

You could say that :) A vacation trip to Home..not 'Home' ;-)

You do? :O You're smart :D

err...not exactly :D

Bahrain girl a? :O
Iru varaen... I have some nice pink shoes, with nice pointy heels :P :D

Anonymous said...



Arun Sundar said...

Anonymous said...

I exactly got u...
But i still have a doubt...

Is this home u miss - in Rangachari Road or Thiruvengadam Street ?

Seri - Seri Puriyaradhu... :)

-- Oops...!

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Used to be home to me as well, a long time ago. Go to the Gujarati Mess (restaurant) in the souk and tell them "BPSK sent me", and watch them give you phulkas with extra ghee. :-)

PREETI said...

awww...ur in bahrain...???

:( :( :( :( :(

i miss it terriblyyyyyyyyyy....
:( :( :( :( :(

it is home mayth...tis is home too...but tatz whr we grew up, n so tatz our im all nostalgic :(

i wanna go bak..!mommyyyy!!! :(

p.s:plz tke a lotta snapz for me :(

*prayin hard i could go bak sometime soon. Also, promisin God I'm gonna be a good good girl and he should answer my prayers*

Wanderlust said...


i think i got it..

u went to ur home which won't be exactly ur home after soemtime..


Confounded-Lady said...

Ok :|

Arun Sundar:
I know :D

It isnt that complicated you know. :P

OMG! Dont tell me! I love that place...their aloo subzee, and methi chapathis (which are like pooris actually)...Guj Mess rocks!
My dad has lunch there every other day actually.

But How how how?? Where did you study? When?

Confounded-Lady said...

Preets: would have been nice if we d taken some sort of joint vacation. How coool would that be?
Snaps n all..yes will take :)
mmmuaah! :)

Wrong I went to home which used to be home for me. :D
Get me?

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

A very long time ago, back when you were still in your swaddlers probably. :p In '91 (1991, that is).

The other regular place was the Namboodri Mess.

Confounded-lady said...

Oh yeah! I hear they served fabulous butter-milk in plastic jugs. :D

PREETI said...

joint vacation wudv been super super cool! man!!! hw i wishhhhh :(

Wanderlust said...


my name's wanderlust

not wonderlust!

wait a min..

my name's anish!


itni si baat ke liye ek post chada diya just to leave people confounded

u could have said u went to place where u used to reside earlier..

did u go to dubai waise??

Anonymous said...

Nee romba theliva irukka


The Regular Joe said...

I get it.

The comments really helped.

Anonymous said...

m sorry..but i really dnt get u??? lolz have u gone back to ur older home or sumthing mmmn are missing ur new home?? m flommuxed?? do explian on ur next post....

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Confounded-Lady said...

@Wanderlust and Samby :
Its near Dubai.
I ll give you a clue..its starts with B..ends with rain...and has an A and an H in between :D

I am, I know.. :D

@Regular Joe:
I'm glad :)

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills

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