Monday, March 3, 2008

Talk to me no?

Rite, so whats up?

I'll tell you whats up. Off late, a lot of my friends from the Not-so-Fairer sex (pun intended like never before) have mysteriously disappeared and stopped talking to me. See, this is unfair. I'm just engaged you know. Not like I've been accused of murder or am down with small-pox or something. I can talk. Yes, to you. Very much.
So talk to me no?

Guys suddenly get this thing with committed ladies, I notice. They think they're infringing upon public property if they're still talking to an engaged/married girl. Sad na? Tsk-tsk.
Yes, I know, its every Reggie Mantle 's worst nightmare to get beaten up by Moose when all he's doing is having a friendly banter with Midge.... but seriously, Moose isn't so Moosey you know. So , whats with the disappearing act?
Talk to me no?

My girlfriends. I shouldn't go ahead with this post without their mention.
They have been extra sweet 'n all with me by still generously calling me up time and again to ask me if I'm making the whole thing up just to attract attention. See, that's what best friends are for. What would I do without you gurls? :P
There's another set of girlfriends that's not been talking to me off late as they feel that they'd be 'wasting my time' -as they put it- at this point.
"Huh" you say? Yeah, I say that too.
How would my gurlfriends be wasting my.... (sniff).. Oh crap, You've got me all teary now.
Screw you. I'm going shopping now. :P
But seriously, talk to me no?

See, if you'd just talk to me, I'd talk to you, and I could tell you how boring interesting my life is and you can tell me how interesting yours is. Exciting no? Just imagine all the fun we're depriving ourselves just because you're not talking to me.
Talk to me no?

Listen, I'm not as desperate as I sound.

No, really.

Ok, maybe a bit.

Actually a bit more...

Wait..can you repeat the question ?

25 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Vaij.. said...

Ah! A lot has happened while I was away. I have to call you.
wait..should I? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Would u pick / talk if i call :P

Am i hearing something like FCP ( just as MCP ) ?

Neways, Glad for u :D

-- Oops...!

--xh-- said...

hm... it heppedns a lot - after a friend gets engaged, guys usually think twice b4 placing a call coz they never know u will b busy or not. so unless u tell them that itz ok to call like they used to call, i think they will be hesitent. i had some opposite experienceses - tried to call 3 my friedns after the engagemnt and they where acting really werid. Tell your friedns that itz ok to call u, and am sure, they will start calling u again... :)

PREETI said...

nalla naal laye we dont talk over the phone, ippo kekanuma...? ;)

bt yet il gt all info abt u...i gt to knw abt songz on beach n it all... ;) oooh man, i cnt help flauntin tis info! :D

seri seri il stop... :)

bt u knw wat i DNT understand...? y guyz wud stop talkin when a girl is engaged bt NOT when she hs a guy...?iv heard so many guyz sayin,"itz nt like they'r married, so no harm tryin"...yea, thr r ppl like tat in the world as well :-/

Ok said...

Songs in the beach a? Mayth is getting ore bolywood and romantic a? Actually if preeti could furnish some more details it might be super fun.

See I have been checking your page religiously twice a day. So dont accuse me of ignoring the girl cauze you are engaged.


PREETI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PREETI said...

n im nt ignorin u cuz ur 'busy' as well... ;)

ok: oh how i wud luvvv to furnish alllll necessary im konjam konjam scared of mayth aunty...once she gives the approval, i will start!

Shreekrishna said...

Much to say to this, but may be offline! It again correlates to the cat-boat stuff :) However, summary follows.

You know, not all 'committed' girls are like that. Sometimes, they end up subconsciously 'forcing' a withdraw for their guy-friends, including the closest of the lot.

Glad however, to see your take on this thing. I'm sure you're not gonna "gyaaan" us all :P

PS: P-M rawks :) And I'll reiterate that :) Can I see a 1000 Watt smile? (Pun, heavily intended!)

Confounded-Lady said...

Oh yes, call, call :D

Thanks. MCP s are called so for a reason you know. Not beacause they dont answer the phone or something :P

Yeah XH, guess I have to make a couple of phone calls to set things straight :D

Confounded-Lady said...

Thanks for the headlines Preets...I'm forever indebted to you.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill you, you know too much :P

heehee..yeah guys act weird. Am gonna have to make them read this post from dawn until dusk ;)

2)You couldnt ignore me Preets...wouldnt let you ;)

Confounded-Lady said...


Ok, for starters I was with his family..of 11 members at the beach.:D And...hear this...I was singing Dikshitr Krithis.
Romantic enough for Bollywood?

Your a charm Wokay. :D

@PREET again:
Exactly how much more information do you have? Mayth aunty konjum concerned :/ :P

Confounded-Lady said...

PM to SK:
>:D< to the power in-'pink'-inity (saary..pazhaka doasham) :D

You'r right. But sometimes this boat we're talking IS big enough for everyone so..the cat can get on and off the boat cos she has friends on and off it.

Catch you on GTALK/Gumbal then :)

I could never gyaan you guys. Never.
Note to self: Get proper explanation of the intricate meaning of gyaan :|

wacko said...

drama like never before :P

am talking to you no? :P

Coconut Chutney said...

Looks like athimber's family was ponnu-pathufying on the beach.

Very novel concept. I like.

kutti said...

beach-la Narada Gana Sabha-va?? puthusaa irukke..... y didnt I see this in the news the nxt day??

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. thats wierd. I have never seen this in any movie.

I have seen a entire family going on a honeymoon (Hum Saath Saath Hain) but never 10 people accompanying a just-engaged guy and girl on the beach?

Maybe I should use this when I make a movie? A girl singing and 11 people listening in rapt silence.


Musical Scientist said...

Kutti Mayth >:D<. Ofcourse pa..You are definitely not one of those who will gyaan us :D.(I hope :)). Talk to you very soon.
btw..why is my name under "nirvana" on the right side???

PREETI said...

oh my good lord! enoda oru 'simple' statement nijamave headline aayiduthu!

i dint mean to mayth...i swear...i dint!

;) hehe

n xactly wat info do u think i 'shudnt' [or is it shud..? ;)] have...??? :D no kavalai aunty, my mouth is zipped frm tis moment on :-/ ;)

n i gta say, u created a super impression with ur rendition of the krithis...inda modern age la ipdi oru ponnu aa?

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Talk to 'him' no? ;) :P

Mayth!! said...

@Wacko: Thats why your a chum no? ;)

Yeah, I hear its very much in vogue now. Beach, Dikshitr et al. Nice no? ;)

Narada Gana Sabha. Yes, next there wonly. :D

>:D< wonly. ;)

Gyaan ku innum artham sollalae neenga :P

Maythini said...

Hehe...chill! :) Your doing just fine :D
Vandaavalam-dendaavaalam lam veleeya varaama irinda seree. No complaints :D

But I'm doing that daily no? :D

Anonymous said...

Something like this happened a? With you on the chair instead of the guy and beach instead of fort?


Vasumathi said...

ROFL Myth,

"Talk to me no?" it seems..I seem to be doing that almost on a daily

PREETI said...

write more no?

we all r waitin no?

please please no?

mayth!! said...

Of course! You guys are a toatally different lever for me. :)YOu know that.


hehe...cuTE. Very.
Or...cute no? :D