Friday, October 26, 2007

The Way of Dude-ism

*Its been long since I last blogged. A month to be precise and that's the longest hiatus I've given. I actually do have tonnes of reasons for not being able to blog, read and comment(the complete ritual of a blogger) ,but lets just leave that for some other time. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled you bothered to turn up just the same and read me again. (Actually I'm jumping so high out of glee that I just bumped my head. Wait did I just hear the ceiling crack?) *

Of late I've been relentlessly struggling NOT to suffix or prefix everything I say with the word 'Dude'. No, not food, not heard me right, 'dude' ( and to think you always thought that you had weird neighbours).

I admit it does sound stupid, might make me sound like a desperate wannabe from an arbit 1980's American movie. Yeah. Nevertheless, I just can’t seem to fathom why this sudden obsession over the word.
Why dude. Why now.

There was this time in the early 2000's where the semi-hit movie 'Dude, Where's my Car' turned out to be a cult amongst the wannabe-so-cool youth. Dude had then become a word no sentence could do without.

““Dude, where’s my eraser?”
“Ouch, you stepped on my toe, Dude.”
"That is soo cool, dude"

Yeah, we were young and oh-so-hep back then. Then we all grew up .
Well at least some of us did.

And now, its all coming back to me. This time with more feeling.
I’m bitten by the dude-bug all over again and this time, it’s a more of a corporate and matured way of dude-ism.

“Dude, mail the boss and ‘cc’ me.”
“Dude, I’ll be there for the conference call at 7. Count on it”
“Dude, there’s a bug in my tea”
“Dude! Damn!”

Now, with the ‘D’ word being thrown here,there, everywhere, every time, my teammates weren’t particularly comfortable with that, initially.

Ravi was my team's 'dude'(pun intended, maybe) thanks to Yours Truly's fabulous-yet-weird name-keeping skills and of course not to mention, annoying fixation over the word d*de. For quite some time, I saw him rebel relentlessly to do away with the D word.
This innocuous title bestowed upon Ravi stuck on to him over due course of time where he soon became the well acknowledged dude of my team, whether he liked it or not. The ‘ol boy just had to relent.

I mean, initially it was like:

Me (frantically) : Dude!!!!!!! The mainframes are gonna crash…. We'll be hunted down like goats for an explanation and then sacked..and then our families will be stranded in the middle of no where, and it will all be because of this stooped command we issued. We're dead meat dude. We are so dead. Dude!!!!!!! Are you listening??????

Ravi/Dude (Chewing gum): Yeah. Don’t call me Dude.

Me (contorted face): WTF!

And nowadays, its like..

Me(frantically): Dude..!!! Storage says they don't have enough volumes to bring up the system…I’m out of gum…The systems are gonna crash…We'll be hunted down like rabbits (or was it goats?)…Our families will suffer…We'll be devastated and it will all be because of…

Ravi/Dude: Chill dudette. 'Dude' 's got it all under control here. And, did you just say we’re out of gum?

Me(for different reasons): WTF!

So, you see, over a period of time, people have learnt to respond amicably to dude-ism without much of a smirk. Its now a become a way of living. Now who would have thunk eh?

Well, like I always say (well not 'always', but yeah sue me) that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Dude-ism is here to stay and no one in my team could/can stop it. But just to be a bit fair, I’m fighting real hard trying not to start every scrap/mail/chat-session/sentence with dude. But with dudes and dudettes like my teammates who have so warmly welcomed the way of dud-ism into my team (despite Ravi-dude’s relentless efforts), I don’t think I should really try so hard.

Dudes and dudettes are here to stay.

Now isn’t that real groovy?

34 Confounded-souls had something to say:

beetlejuice said...

dude...i sooo dig tis dude...i so totally gt watcha mean dude...hehe...

but seriously i do...the dude-ism is certainly here to say...weird part?when i say it, i like it...but the hypocrite in me mocks otherz usin it thinkin *yea,rite, wannabe!* hehe...dnt even knw y i do tat bt itz juz sch an instantaneous reaction...hmmm,thrz somethin i gta work on nw,hmmm...nw tis gt ME tinkin...! :D

the vocabz r takin a total 180 deg shift man...friendz of mine who used to frown when i said the 'F' word in the 12th r now advicin me to 'forget the Mo**** F**** B****** n juz move on'!!!

casual conversations begin wit babe,dude,sweetz,hun laced with fcuk,damn,balls n peppered wit yo,uhuhz n whoa!

hope iv made some sense thr!

glad to read ur post aftr a month...a treat :)

Mridhulaa said...

"Dude, Where's My Car?"-one movie I'll never forget. I mean, an entire conversation went like this between Dude and Sweet who had their respective names tattooed on their backs.

"Dude, what's on my back?"
"Sweet. What's on my back?"
"Dude. What's on my back?"
"Sweet. What's on my back?"
"Dude. What's on my back?"
"Sweet. What's on my back?"
"Dude. What's on my back?"

You get the picture...
Still, dude sounds better than "Nanba" or "Mavale".

Venkatesh A.R. said...

dude, it's nice to read your blog after a month's break!! ;-)

bharani said...



Mayth!! said...

@Beetlejuice: totally said it. (stressing the 'totally' the gangster way)

Looks liek style, fashion and even lingo make a comeback every 30 years.

What was seemingly un-cool a few years ago..seems so totally cool now (or maybe its just us preeth ;).

Whatever babe...botome line, we're soooo totally cool :D

Lol...yeah I remember that one.

@Venki: Yeah, thanks for not losing that very litle faith in me too big bro ;)

@bee: Arent you the soul inspiration behind this post d*de?;)

wacko said...

u knw i like bein called a dude myself sounds all so dude u knw...:)

u knw the frst para u wrote there in bold, u wont fuckin believe i was initially carving the exact same words in my blog too..the long hiatus...tis been long thingy...i didnt eventually post that cuz i didnt feel so..damn!

and yeah i dont get sometimes, girls call each other "dude" too sometimes..i mean wtf?

Mark IV said...

dude? unlike the more amicable F word, dude gets gender specific... whats a female dude? dudette? dudess? dudiee??

moreover dude has eventually progressed to what 'mister' was in tamil parlance...
previously: MISHTER Markiv... U ve crossed the line...

now: thats going way overboard, DOOOOOD

bharani said...

i know maami... u think i don't know that...

mathew said... used to sound really stylish when people used to say that in the begining..but now it has become way to cliched..neverthless there are always some words that define a generation..maybe we are of dude's and dudette's.. ;-P

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

I think the female form should be dude-ni. When I hear dudette, I picture showgirls, kicking up their heels. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Dude-ni is grammatically correct (;-)) and is also Indian. If enough of us use it, I think the rest of the world will follow.

After that, it is only a matter of months before Hollywood starts using it.

"Yo Dudeni!"


*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Wacko: lol...well yeah, dude is strictly for the guys. Dudee should be more like it. ;)

@MarkIV: Mishter!!! You sooo totally got it! lol!

But you ve almos guessed it there you know...ppl started calling me dudee initially thinking I'd hate it and hence do away with the whole dude-thing.
But dudee or dudette....its all dude-sim at the end of the day.
Peace :)

Bee: Yeah I'm sure you do.

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Mathew: Yeah, I used to think dude n stuff was pretty uncool too.Maybe 'yo' would be uncool in a few years time ;)

@Sheesh khabab:
Lol!! Loved the dude-ini part. Yeah...if hypothetically dude-ism was the next in thing, I'd like to be a dude-ini. ;)

Mark IV said...

flash- yo already is. so is waddup n the fake accented 'i aint not worrying'...
wats cool and happening is the -fying and -ification lingo: as in im odifying because there is ore the polambification at home...

ok- thats not really cool, YET, but id love to see a come back.....

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

Orey the scene po!
I used to find it cheap, but by the end of college, I was hooked on to it... the ottifying, kalaichification....thats a totally different league.

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