Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phir bhi Tagged.


Yayy for me, again. Ok, Markiv, I was leaving this tag for one of those hopeless ‘I-so-wanna-blog-but-can’t-think-of-anything’ days, but oh what the heck, now will do. This tag is dedicated to the tagger without whom this wouldn’t have been possible *controlling tears of joy*, to all those generous readers who presumably will NOT have the patience to read single word I’ve typed here BUT will certainly try to give their best with generic comments *Lol! I love you guys * and last but not the least,to a special place where I spent a bulk of my life in. Bahrain.

91-93 The Lil kidd
Easily the fattest and chubbiest kid in class; a 'blessed' feature which would invariably win me a seat next to the class teacher in all class photographs. :D Teachers would try (note, try) to carry me in all the pics ‘coz I’m told I was the perfect ball then. Orchestra and sports was all I ever thought off. Not to mention, food too. Yes, those were good times :D

94-95 Switching ‘ovah’
Switched schools from a British school to the InDIan School. I was in trouble now. Being branded as the kid with the ‘fAreen’ accent who didn’t know beyond the 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables, who had to mug every line of Hindi from Bal Bharati to pass in exams when kids in class could quote lines from 'Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun' with admirable ease, who didn’t even know where India was on the map, literally- Yes, I was your typical loser then.
I’d cry to my mom every single day saying that I wanted to go back to the British School ‘coz I hated the Indian system of education and that I certainly wouldn’t learn anything from plain mugging. For some reason, I feel that I was much wiser as a kid. ;-P

95-96 Teen-bean
The year of the Spice Girls. Girl Power! They SO rocked and I was totally gaga over them. Wannabe, 2 become one…god! I could sing all of their songs word for word…and I even remember asking my dad to buy me Emma Burton costumes ‘n all. I’m thankful that my dad didn’t disown me after that period of crazy harmones.

96-97 Being Bad
Found a best friend in Anisha. Spreading rumours, being a part of rumours, imitationg teachers, being teased with the weird boy next door, this era totally transformed me from the silent insignificant no-one at school to the notorious kid who bunked Almeida’s math classes for some band-class practice and lived to tell the tale of it by acing her subject.

97-99. Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis - (You do not know the power of the dark side)
Power in the School Band. Anisha and I became Head Corporals of the wood-wind section (read flute) where the former was soon my partner in crime where we did things which totally make me cringe now. Yes we were teenage brats then, with hormones running wild. Bossing over junior flutists, flirting with the drummers, breaking clarinets and hiding it from the band master, bunking math and social-studies classes in the pretext of ‘leading the band’ (like it was training for Kargil war or something), being popular, life was good.

98-99 No looking back
A very special year for me as I’d moved to India. Was one of those do or die moves where all eyes from previous-home country were intently watching and speculating on whether this spoilt kid could survive the most conventional metro in India. I more than just survived it, I became a Chennai-girl from the word go. My school disproved all prejudices in me that Chennai and its people still belonged to the ooga-booga stonage era, and that pop music and ‘cool’ language was totally unheard of. This place was anything but that. There was just no looking back from then on.

Yep. There was just no looking back. :)

Right…that pretty much covers what I have to say about the nineties. There are quite a few things I miss, and even more things I don’t miss. :D
Anyways, this was a fun tag reminiscing ‘n all. For what its worth, I tag everyone who’d like to try this one out.

Take care..and stay out’v trouble!

13 Confounded-souls had something to say:

bharani said...

like i said... not only is your blog page green, now, I AM all green...

where are the psbsbsbsbdbsbsda days?... what about all your sidney sheldon days?...about your scooty stunts?... anna univ petre days?...would love to read one on these...

mathew said...

think we guys used be aping michael jackson when he was such a rage..i remember that we cousins used to do dapankuthu like crazy whenever the "Dangerous" song was played..

mayth!! said...

@ Bharani: lol.... I dont think you have to go all green n all...I'm sure your rocked just the same as mine. :)

@ Mathew: MJ had such a follwing ..didnt he? I still love his songs ;) ;-P

♥busy_writer♥ said...

oye.. nice one here. took me back down memory lane too!
result: i dont remember much. lol.

hence, cant do this tag!

Mark IV said...

lol. that was good.

aaga... faareenar aa neenge!!! the peter lingo swayed me a bit in that direction, but knowledge of our common alma mater prevented further investigation!:-)

anyways, u must have had quite a rough settling time at our blissful land of psbb, where it is a crime to accent your english, show lack of vocab skills, show excess vocab skills, provide peter sound effects (oooh! gross!! c'mun (come one) ) and so forth? or is that saved for a funnier day????

Lavanya said...

P S B B! (YMCA style)

Bet you liked the backstreet boys too then.

akanksha said...

Nice post...could identify with u all over...:-)

Ps said...

I studied for a good four years in chennai too.Which school/college did you go to--if i may ask.
And hey--thanks for dropping by.

mayth!! said...

@ Mark: lol...I owe a lot of my lingo to the institution I was a part of ...or rather, we were a part of ;)
No one beats a PSBBian in Petering remembah ? :D for my shreshtai;s in school, I'd have to be tagged! :)

mayth!! said...

@ Busy writer: As long as you cherish those memories..whats in a tag after all ;)

@Lavanya: Whats teenagehood without the BSB's huh? :D

And oh yes, PeeeeeEssssss...BeeBee (clap-clap-clap)

@Akanksha: :) I'm glad you did.

@PS: A mother of 2 adorable kids I presume! ;)
I was in PSBB and graduated from Anna University, Guindy. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice knowing more about you & your childhood days...lovely reading!

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Lovely read for the fatigued at heart ! :)

Deep said...

Oh gawd! that was simply b-e-a-u-tiful! i almost fell off my chair laughing, man! did it bring back the old times all in one big headrush! even that humongous crush i had on anisha back then... shit man, those were the days... *sniff sniff*

"i wanna go back!!!"