Thursday, November 1, 2007

Of Confounded Birthdays et al

I have that darned confounded look when...

  1. ....I wake up this morning to find the whole house sleeping with no one to wish me. So I get back to bed and sleep a wee bit longer...
  2. ....when I still get calls when I'd thought that I'd been wished my everyone I knew last night..
  3. .....I realize that I don't have a new birthday outfit to sport so I choose the most decent looking one from my wardrobe...
  4. ....I rush to the temple just to realize that the therai (doors of the Lord's Chamber) have been shut and that I have to wait another hour to get the Lord's Darshan..
  5. .....I don't know how to react when I visit my friend who's just then lost her father...
  6. .....I meet all my college folks there who have the same confounded look when they whisper a silent Happy Birthday to me at the mourning place...
  7. .....I get a call saying that I have some roses and a cake delivered to me.... (oooooh!)
  8. .....I plot how to flaunt the flowers and cake at work..
  9. .....I cut the cake at my office's canteen knowing that no one's really interest in singing a tune for me when there's a big fat mouth-watering Black-forest cake awaiting us...
  10. .....I watch all the cream being smeared across my face while secretly I wish I could have licked all the cream off my face.. (I'll send you the pics when I get them Harish) :)
  11. ......I receive Takloo 's 'Happppppppppui Budday' call with the same josh-even though its the fourth time..
  12. .......I answer Ramangouda's call by wishing him a Happy Birthday over the phone (this time he had the confounded look)
  13. .....I call Harish and thank him for the beautiful flowers and delicious cake- and narrate how interesting my day has been..
  14. .....I wonder how to describe this day in just one word...
Would 'confounding' to the trick?

Happy Boithday To Me

12 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Confounded? Sure. Also, bizzaro, different, delicious? Ultimately, normal?

Happy Birthday!


Lavanya said...

Pirandhanaal Nalvaazhthukkal.


N yeah, it sucks when people forget your budday no?

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

i tried callin u :( but u dint pik my call :( u seemed to hv picked everyone elsez call :( watd i dooooo to make u mad at me??? :(

hehe....glad to knw u hd a gud day...rathr an everntful a bday freak n so...i gt xcited if itz anyonez bday :)

god bless... :)

psst: i really am serious abt the 1st para here...!!!

wacko said...

hmm...ur sayin the word "confound" so many times only makes me confounded all the more..nevertheless am not that confounded now that i forget u wishin ur bday or whtever

so yeah happy birthday!

Munimma said...

oo, another scorpio.

A few more years from now, you will wish everyone, including you, forgot your birthday. ;-)

Happy B'day.

Bhaumik said...

With 4 of my friends, including my brother, having the b'day on this same day; it was a busy day just wishing everybody ;-)

Happy Birthday once again.. Bullwa!!!

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@BSPK: :-) Well, not sure bout the rest...but if its confused, I'm your girl. ;) Thanks for your wishes!!

@Lavanya: Tell me about it! :D Mikka Nandree Sagodaree! :-)

@Preeti: Sorry sweetie!! Cell screwed up (again!) so guess your;s turned out to be an unknown number till the end. I'll spank myslef for missing your call :(

Lol...why of course whacko! Isnt that what this blog is all about after all? ;)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Munima: Salutations honourable Blogger! Amen to that! ;)

Bahumittttt!!!!!! Bullwa thanks you with a badi smile on face. Hope you didnt forget to with Aishwarya Rai ;-)

♥busy_writer♥ said...

lol. here's one blog totally.. like toottally livin upto its title! :-p
happy birthday :-)

Kalyan said...

A belated very very happy birthday to you!

Mridhulaa said...

gee, happy birthday !!!

*better late than never*

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Busy-Writer: lol...thanks girlfriend! Well..thats me, Always being loyal to my blog ;)

@Kalyan & Mridula : Thank you :)