Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whats up Doc

Evil-Doctor (ED) sticking evil- laser down poor-me 's throat:

ED: Say 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

Me (mouth wide open): 'aaaeeee'

ED: Say 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

Me (with more conviction but not quite): 'aaee'

ED: No, say 'aaaaaaaaaaaa'

Me(almost close to tears): 'aaee'

Am suddenly reminded of Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady where he'd eat Eliza Dolittle 's brains forcing her to get her 'ayyy' s and 'aaai's right. Frankly, am rather disturbed that I cant enunciate 'aaaa' with precision just like the doc has instructed me to, but with him pulling my toungue out and a nurse pulling the corners of my mouth side-ways for an endoscopy (dont picture that please), I realize that the only possible vowel that can be uttered at this point is 'ae'.
So, enough already.

ED(looking at TV which supposedly screens the insides of throat): Hmmm.. your vocal chords asdfasn sdfgdfg kasdfadsf gdfgdfgafg (something in medicine-language which I couldn't comprehend of course). Think you've over-strained them.
(Right..that should explain why I've been sounding like a frog for the last 1 week)

Worried-mommy: what?

ED: Just have these for a week and get back. And oh yes, did I mention absolutely no talking for the next 5 days?

Me (aghast): What the...

Suddenly-not-so-worried-mommy: You mean she's not supposed to all?

Very ED: Yes, thats the minimum period she'll have rest to allow her throat to heal.

Me (touching mouth to see if its in place after agonizing session with evil-doc and evil-nurse): Can we go home now mommy?

So, now that I've been sentenced to a 5-day tenure of 'mounavrath', the only form of allowable communication is the scribe and paper. But if that means having to write every single word I wish to utter, I fancy just keeping my gob shut and not say anything at all...which is exactly what I'm doing now. (*sob*)
The house seems a lot quieter now and I'm sure the entire neighborhood must seem so too, considering all the yelling and debating my mom 'n I are depriving it of.

My dad keeps forgetting that I can't talk and whats worse is that he just doesn't seem to understand any of my sign-languages. I had to do a mini-dance show to convey that we had to get back to the Doc's after 5 days.
Like, I'd stick my hand out to convey 5 as in 5 days and he'd be like.. 'Stop? But what do you want me to stop?' :P

Oh well.
1 down.
4 more to go.


25 Confounded-souls had something to say:

pr:Dtam... said...

sad.., this might help u for the next few days..:P

♥busy_writer♥ said...

that must be the worst punishment ever!
not talkin, 5 whole days!? jeeez.

my sympathies with you. sigh.

and lol, my mum would be the worlds-happiest-mommy is somethin like that were to happen to me!

MAYTH!! said...

@Pr:Dtam: Thank you sir. That should be utmost useful ;)

@Busy-Writer: *sigh*..thats all I can do now, just sigh :P

Yeah mommy is having field day wonly...but not for long I tell you ;)

Anonymous said...

:) This seems like a incident out of a Wodehouse book! Cant talk for 5 days:). Thats funny.


Lavanya said...

crap! unbearably similar recent post!
Great minds, they say....

Prehistoric Developments! said...

its a comically sad situation!
poor you, no yapping for 5 whole days!!
i say, sue that doctor for not providing proper medicines!!!

MAYTH!! said...

ok: lol..yeah it does, doesnt it?

Lavanya: OMG! To think that I was gonna name this post after the same 10th standard poem taught by Vali ma'am ;)

Prehistoric: lol...naah! I wouldnt blame it on the doc. He's just doin his job :)

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

no talkin..??mayth no talk??? as more music to my earz(lemme not mention tat the last time i heard ur voice ws prob agez ago..hehe..)tis really is the kalyug!!! hehe...

bt babe...imagine the plight of those poor dearz who hv to endure the unbearable stress of NOT hearin ur beautiful voice every day if u dnt get better use the 5 dayz to gt it all bak...

dnt pay attn to those who feign happiness at tis misery...they r cringin on the inside tat they cnt hear u...ESP ur mum...trst me on tat :D

luv ya!

Anonymous said...

oh...thats quite unbearable. We will wish you get back to normalcy soon & recover quickly....

as for the sunset photos in my blog those were taken in Assam by the river Bramhaputra...Thanks & Stay well!

Lavanya said...

the middle name tag!

Neon said...

":) This seems like a incident out of a Wodehouse book!

Haha it really does, hmmm that would have been a fun book to read...Wooster not being able to talk

Anonymous said...

LOL ... real funny


Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

On the 6th day, get everybody together and play Charades. Think about how much better you would have gotten :D


mayth!! said...

That was awww cho chweet of you. :D Yeah...its pay back time now. I'm screaming my guts out now at mom s considering visiting the doctor and then the police. ;) lol..

@Kalyan: Yeah, I;m back to form now.. (evil chuckle)

@Lavs: Uh-oh...looks like I'm tagged now :)

@Neon: lol...oh yeah, that would be a read wouldnt it? perhaps...I should help :P

@Sriram: :) Funny..yeah :D THanks for dropping by..keep visiting :D

@BPSK: Yeah, looks like there is a gain in my loss. :P

Ramkumar said...

Of all ppl.. Mayth.. not allowed to talk-a? :O

mayth!! said...

Yeah Ramkumar. ;)
Terrible na? Who would have thunk? ;)

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