Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Middle-Name Tag or What's my Middle-name Ma?

I'm beginning to like these tags; not because they call for a lot of introspection, retrospection or maybe even fill up the otherwise-empty space in my blog.
No wait, those actually are the reasons. :D
Face it, they're fun. Especially when these topics are as absurd as the one I'm doing right now thanks to fellow-blogger Lavs. Check her blog out, she'll make you laugh to splits. :D

The rules of the tag are:
1. The rules must be mentioned in the beginning of the tag.
2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Awritey then.
For starters, I've never actually known what my middle name is. In fact, I never even knew I had one of the sort.
We the people ofTamil Nadu don't have a middle-name or a family name making us pretty much unlike the rest of the nation and we take ultimate pride in doing everything differently (read ostracizing ourselves from the rest of the nation for political reasons I do not wish to get into lest some MLA clad in white from a popular kakshee (read party) happens to bump into my blog and vanquish my family, but wait am I digressing? )

Right...middle-name-tag. I hear you. :D
I just discovered this morning from my mom that my middle name is 'Rukmini'.

Yeah yeah, you can laugh it out while I take a long walk around my house.


Right.Its my grandmother's name and I'm eternally grateful to my folks for not deciding to christen me by that name (I'm having enough trouble with my first name itself thank you very much)
Reminds me of a conversation between a pair from the-popular-sitcom where they discuss what to name their yet-to-be-born baby girl:

Ross: I like Ruth. What about Ruth?
Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry, are we having an 89-year-old? How about Dayton?


R- for Red.
Dark red. I just love that shade. Thats what most of my wardrobe comprises of. Well, next to pink actually (please don't judge me :D) I've read that red as a colour for your clothes is rather provocative. Bull. I've been to places wearing red and even my mother wouldn't notice me. :P
So much for colour-psychology.

U- for Unique.
Thats what my 'first' name is. Rhymes with Rukmini. Hell lot more complicated than the same. There used to be a time when I'd curse my name for the complexities I had to endure because of it but now, I love it 'coz here is no other like it. No chance of having 2 me's in the same class, in the same college, or for that matter, in the same state itself. (;-P) .
I think this should say more.

K- for Karnatic Music.
My heart. My soul. I wish to do it proud, some day.

M- for Madras.
A place I spend half my time cursing and yet, defending till I run out of breath. A lot of my friends AND a lot of my relatives find some sense of queer pride in chiding this conservative metro for its weather, its people (whom I'm told are very 'unkind'. Yeah, I'll show you unkind ;-P), its narrow-outlook towards contemporary ways of life (read rock-concerts, pubs and discotheques or the lack of them) and most importantly, its haughty auto-men.
(Well with regard to the last point, I sort of agree that our auto-kaarans are a special species altogether and deserve special mention in a separate post itself).

But what about Madras, the cultural-haven?
The place where you can be confident that you're children would have gotten their share of both worlds if not just the ultra-traditional one. The proud host of December Music Season..
The home of India's much prided dance Bharathnatyam...The place where people are simple and don't judge you for not dressing up like Rani Mukherjee just to shop at a vegetable store nearby..

I often do run out of arguments to defend this place for what it is and isnt and sometimes all I'm capable of doing is just being silent. Anyway, its just one less person to tolerate in this city :D

I- for Intolerance.
Thats what I have for people who kill the English language with absolutely no concern for its grammar or pronunciation. Yes, no one's infallible I agree. But to those who refuse to correct 'cannot be able to' or 'please say me how to' despite repeated correction. I'm not playing Shakespear or English-miss here, but if you want to speak a language, shouldn't you at least try to know how?

N- for Neverland.
A place I've truly always been fascinated over ever since I was old enough to understand the dialogues from Disney's Peter Pan. I fell in love with Peter, Tinker-Bell, Captain Hook, the mighty pirates, cute croc and the captivating concept of a faraway land where you'd never grow up.
It was nice to think about then, but as I grow older, I tend to wish it were more than just a fantasy.

I- for India.
Kidding, that was lame. But wait, actually, why not? For a country that I never ever thought I'd fit into a decade ago, its now become a place I'd live in despite its many cons. I'm now reluctant to live anywhere else under ANY pretext; be it work or the inevitable, matrimony.

I now tag thee Preethi , Venki, Busy_Writer and Mark IV and anyone else who wishes to take this tag up.
Do me proud guys ;-)

Much love!


90 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Ramkumar said...

rukku... ;)

"Well, next to pink actually (please don't judge me :D)"

adhu engalhukku theriyaadha! :p

but yeah, if you follow people who actually have a valid middle name, it's usually your father's name, where the surname is the family name... That's how I am Ramkumar Rangamani Aiyengar :)

Lavanya said...

Acho rukki! :)

Pah, free publicity n all,:D

And yes, madras rocks, period.

Good reading, you have done us middle-namers proud.

--xh-- said...

this post is fun :-) I am stealing this oen from your page, will do it at my page soon.

bharani said...

he he...wait..take another walk around your house...still laughing....."rukmini"... ha's like the moment in seinfled when kramer says that his first name is cosmo...

maythini rukmini sridharan... well...

bharani said...

isn't it ShakespearE?... grammar?...pronunciation?...dude...there's something more fundamental that they teach you in kindergargen...spelling....hello...

enna carnegie-mellon...?

anyway, the thing about Madras (to hell with chennai) is true... the beach, mount road, stell maries, lic, chepauk, devi theatre, luz corner... nothing beats it..stragely i sometimes feel that the very "essence" of chennai is brought out by some songs in tamil ones are the "april may-ila..." song from idhayam and "urvasi urvasi..." from kaadhalan... jus see them...

bharani said...


bharani said...

or is it kindergarten...hell...

Mark IV said...

aaah... thanks for getting me back from the sabbatical. probably brains frozen or the tag was pretty boring, but at least i got a pulse!!!! :-)

mayth!! said...

Aiyengar-vAl..This post shouldnt be much of a news-flasher for know most of it awready,:D except for the Rukku part of course... which I wish you pretend not knowing from this moment on ;)

@Lavanya: Your Highness is pleased. I'm thrilled :D

@--xh-- :
Guess there was some good out of this post after all ;) Peace :)

mayth!! said...

Yes those songs are pretty much what Madras is all about. After all, whats Madras without our movies?

and oh yes,

Welcome to the wonderful world of typos Mr.Impeccable-Spelling ;)

Good to see you live and kicking. Honoured you woke up from your slumber. Now how much longer before the next time you decide to turn up? ;)

Ok said...

Glad, to find a kindred soul. I dont respond to mails that are not grammatically correct. In fact, I have even gone to the extent of correcting somebody's mail and sending it back.

Rukumini is not that bad a name. Though, I wouldn't name somebody Rukumini. Even, I have a stinker of a name. Its "S!@#$%^ Ram". I just go by Ram now.


P.S. Would really appreciate it if you do away with the word verification.

anonme said...

very well executed!
and i can tell that u are the only one who has defended Madras so far.. nice to hear something good about it for once!
nice blog! :)

♥busy_writer♥ said...

"At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag"--lol mayth, where is the "B" in rukmini? :P

hehe, nicely done! and rukmini is a cute middle-name, seriously! :-)

will do this soon. haveta make up a middle-name, dont have one!

thnks for going-against-the-rules and taggin me! :P m honoured. i promise to do your proud! :P :P

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@ ok: Sure...though I have an urge to ask you what the S!@#$%^ in \S!@#$%^ Ram' stands for.

@Anonme: Thank you so much :)

@busy_writer: Cant wait to read what you have ;)

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Ruks, I thought I posted a comment, but anyhow... :D

LOL @the Friends quote. There was a similar Seinfeld episode where they discuss terms like Ned and Remy.

Re. wearing red - you can't necessarily see its effects. Just because people see you wearing it and don't jump up and down, doesn't mean it has no effect. Black works too. ;-)


Vaij! said...

Liked the one on Madras. Looks like your sentiments havent changed even after that trip...and that incident ;)

Right, so..settling down in Madras is it? ;)


Varsha said...

Me too!!!!

P.R.E.E.T.I said...

hey rukku...u knw wat???ta soundz familiar..wanna knw y???tatz my mumsie's name!!!hehehe....

newayz im glad we hv more in common gna call u amma...hwzat? :D hehe...

thnx for tggin me...gna do it asap...

n u totally echoed my sentiments on chennai...ppl who speak otherwise hv no taste...chennai is the real world man...juz a mtter of time before they wake up frm their ignorant slumberz! hehe...

luv ya amma! muah!

Optimize...don't Compromise!! said...

wow... thats neatly and very lightly done...:)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@BPSK: Havent watched much of Seinfeld..but from the very little bit I know of it, I think I can fathom how the episode would have gone. :D

@Varsha: Me too what? :-?

@P.R.E.E.T.H.I: Lol...oh yes, I think I fit very well into the Rukmini clan now. You'll have to address me with oodles of respect now hehe...

@Vaij: thats a big word. :D


@Sashi: Thanks a lot Sashi! :)

Sandhya said...

Wonderful- Twoderful- threederful! :P

U seem to be just another me.. :) For R-U-K-M-I-N-I.

Madras is so wonderefully framed and written. Of course, 'I' is something I too posses. ;)

(Wonder, how u managed to read my mind) hehe..


Maythini said...

We arent twins for nothing you know.

Actually, trins including Vachoo :D

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