Monday, April 7, 2008

That post without a Title

Confounded-lady is back!!
Thunder, lightening, creepy-music and 'bwahahahaha'.

(That was evil-laughter just in case you bothered to read that)

Not that anyone missed me (if you did, for the record, I love you), but contrary to the normal alibis I see these days for not being able to blog; say for instance, lack of time (which is not even remotely my problem these days. grr), not getting the right flow of thought (whatever thats supposed to mean) and the like, I actually did have plenty of intellectually stimulating topics I wanted enlighten my readers on but was in a dilemma as to which one to discuss. No, really..

*straight face*

Ok, I hear you. You can stop laughing now lest you fall of your chair. I'm already being accused of trying to impair every one's vision with the bright shades of my blog. I don't wish to do you any (more) harm.
So enough already.

I thus commence .
I've been tagged by fellow bloggers Busy-writer and Preets.
According to OK's Law of Crapping, Engineers cut to the chace without much useless banter. Under normal circumstances this would be konjum kashtam given the very purpose of this blog, but I seriously do wish to abide by this rule considering that this may tragically be the only testimony to me having endured 4 educative years of Engineering.
The question for us engineers is after all, to BE or not to BE, no?


hmph. I'll just shut-up and get along with the Tag then. :P

Some 10 random points about me which no one knows. I doubt if there are that many actually, so I'll do 6. Peace.

1. :-)
I'd like to think that my obsession over smileys is unparalleled. I very rarely type stuff on the Internet without a smiley at the end. Smileys make me happy. Well, so does chocolate but you don't care do you.
Yahoo! is a beautiful experience altogether. I'm forever in love with Colon-dee, the way it blinks its eyes. :D :P >:D< ;;) these are my favourite smileys, in the same order.

2. My Impeccable Memory
My memory can be bench-marked with Gajini (of Gajjini fame) and you'll find that I indeed am endowed with depressingly pathetic memory skills. I forget names. I forget birthdays. I forget rAgas. I sometimes forget what I was going to enter next while chatting (someone might know what I mean :D )
I personally think its because I think a lot, rapidly. My thought process is very fast and I end up thinking a trillion things within a short span, so there is perhaps just too many to recollect.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Is there anything healthy about a bad memory?

3. Growing up and being paranoid
I just refuse to accept that I'm growing up. I find it terribly agonizing you know. I'd like to stay young forever, 22 would be ideal. These days I find a lot of people calling me akka. Kids in the tempe call me aunty. grr_max. Everyone grows old up, I know.. but I still yearn for for Neverland. :

4. I was called Swetha once upon a time.
Actually, I was called 'sweater' in school. Not that I minded much.
Mommy-dearest gets a brainwave one fine morning in 1990 and decides that I should be called 'Jennifer Lopez' from then on (name changed to protect identity). The rest like they say, is mystery.

5. I leave the house with the I-don't-give-a-damn look.
It really pains my mother so to say. And offlate my 15 year old fashion-queen cousin who happens to live in the same building as me. Divya (name NOT changed to protect identity) was visibly appalled by the orange butterfly clip I wore to her party at Caesar's'. Poor thing. I don't blame her though. I too sometimes think that orange and black just don't go together. :P

6. I am that Bulb-Goddess you always feared .
I don't think this will be a major surprise to people who know me well. I just don't get things instantly-whether they're jokes, witty comments whatever. Even a fast conversation leaves me twiddling my thumb.
Once when I was on a bulbing-high, someone asked if I was feighning my confused state. :P
I said yes and changed the topic. That still cracks me up. :P
I am konjum slow and trust me, I'm not at all proud of it. :

7. I am skeptical of the Internet. Period.
When it comes to making friends or developing a good relationship, I am wary of the Internet. I think the Internet is the most precarious medium and cannot/should not be banked upon. There have been quite a few exceptions off late, but I think they are too good to be true.
The probability of a misunderstanding or baseless assumption is maximum on communication over the Internet. I will perhaps blog more on this. Or maybe, I won't.

There. I could rattle my head and come up with a few more..but I have a feeling I might have lost you somewhere in point#4 itself. So this should very well do for now.

Hope I'd done you girls proud. This space is dedicated to you .
I tag anyone who's facing a writer's block currently.

Take care, and say hi to your mom for me :D

Yours confoun'deadly',

36 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

did you say, 'points which no one knew about you?'. fine. i rest my case :p

but yeah.. Swetha is it? please look forward to our next chat.. :D

and thanks for making me read orangey text on a white background :-| (Yes, I get your posts in my feed reader on a white background..)

Coconut Chutney said...

Bulb goddess, oh man, I was that too! In fact, after sivaji released, they used to sing 'oru koodai tubelight' everytime I entered the room.


Anonymous said...

-- Oops...!

Ok said...

Pah! Finally, after ages you have written something meaningful.

On the forgetting front can you beat my roomie? This is what he did.

My phone rings (I am outside)

Roomie: Macha, any movie DVD you have?

Me: Illada.

We cut the call. Immediately, the phone rings.

Roomie: Macha, any movie DVD you have?

Me: Dei. You just called da.

Roomie: Whaa? Ooh. Apidiya. He he he.

And he cuts the call:).

Ok said...

And you have rambled on like crazy. The first 20 lines were soo not necessary!

Ok said...

Who gave you a BE degree? Lol! At the BE, BEE and B.E.:).

Vasumathi said...

i thought u said "i cant think of 10..but 6 will do" and up writing 7 points..wats with us twinnies and the number 7? ;-) >:D<

Wanderlust said...





You would have done well to put a title to this post!

lemonade said...

ok..we do have alot in common!!
no 5 and 6 to be precise!

bharani said...


Confounded-Lady said...

Nothing new to you? :|
Ja ja..Swetha wonly. Chat will be interesting if I do say so myself :P

Sorry for hurting your paavamaana eyes :|

@CC: We're related...I always say so :D


Thank you sire..thats very encouraging :P

..and Lol on conversation. I've done quite a few like this before, aana I'll leave mtslef with some dignity after this post :| :P

Confounded-Lady said...

@OKagain: But rambling...thats what I do no? :-/
B.E...Yeah, College of Engineering Guindy. Yeah, I'm a smart kid too..hmph! :P

@Choo: 6? Oh ya..I didnt notice :D
7 is magical...aana why may I ask? :-/

Couldnt think of one :)

Glad to know :)

@Bee: err...think I forgot to tell you a few things when in college.

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

err.. well.. i was so surprised by 1,2,3 and 6 that led me to comment so... :D

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

I have a friend who's name was changed when she was a few years old - funnily enough, she's quite the bulb goddess herself. :D

btw, your latest post - even in my reader, your posts' font is a weird yellow. Please, your loyal readers beg you - what is wrong with black text on a white background? :-(

Wanderlust said...

No seven

said it!

PREETI said...

YAAAY!!!The confounded Lady is back!!! :D Welcome welcome with a post! :)

Ok, I know u from ur 'swetha' days...alwayz kept mum abt it cuz,u knw, juz incase u wanted it to b a secret...but when i read it here, i ws beside myself with joy! :D now i cn let tis cat outta the bag too! ;)

After careful speculation and observation, I must admit you have done the tag pretty well and hence, you are awarded the "Super Tag Doer" award from none other than ME..! *drumroll* (n also tat paparapaaa stuff)

n...oh yea, mum said hi too ;) hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

swetha akka, you wanted to prove your short term memory loss by listing 7 instead of 6 eh?

Anonymous said...

btw, you code ah? i know another person who uses grr_max and awesome_max. she doesn't code though!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

yay! you did this tag! :D yea, i use a lot of emoticons too..:P and :D being my favourites! and, swetha? :O wow! and bulb-goddess...with that description after it, shldnt it be tube goddess? *confused look* ;)
nice nice...i am brimmin with pride. hehe! ;)

Confounded-Lady said...

Actually, I'd surprised if you didnt know any of the above. A lot of conclusions were brought about from chat :P :))

I'm glad I have a spark of family feeding left in this world. I thought I was a rare species :D

I'll try and black'nize my fonts.
Soon :D

Its tough when your writing for shrewd readers :| :P

Confounded-Lady said...

*Bows down and grins*
Fankoooooo >:D<

Hi from mom thing cute btw :D

err... Lets just say I was trying to prove a point ;)

I used to code, yes. But that doesnt influence me. I hate coding. But I like the dough I'd get.
Oh well, you win some you lose some :|

Mother of it all >:D<
Yeah, I'm called quite a few things.
Fancy me putting it up on blog n all.
I can officially claim that I ve lost the intellectual side of my friends circle :P

Ok said...

Hey mayth. Can I take a wild shot at guessing who your fiancee is?

He has commented on this post. But, he is not featured on your 'fellow confounded souls', i.e., not ramkumar, or me:)

Correct a?

Ok said...

That leaves Oops, Bharani and adithya. And its not Adithya or Bharani.

Ok! If you are offended/irritated due to some unfathomable reason my apologies in advance and do delete these.

Confounded-Lady said...

My aiyya doesnt read my blogs. Not as yet at least. :D

I;m saving him some frivolity in life you see.

PREETI said...

mayth, u shud let ur aiyya read ur blogz...! publicize ur confoundedness i say! evalo neram dan nalla ponnu act viduva??? :D

Confounded-Lady said...


Adellaam oru kAranamaa thaan...:P

Good girls go to heaven no? :D

Ramkumar R. Aiyengar said...

ahem... k.. in view of my understanding, better he doesn't read.. I am for freedom of speech you know.. let me stop there :D

Anonymous said...

Enna nadakardhu inga?*
Whats happening here

Enna koduma saravanan idhu?!!^
What atrocity is this

* To ok's comments.

^ I put myself in your aiyaa's shows and read the last few comments


Anonymous said...

oops.... *shoes!

Confounded-Lady said...

@Ramkumar: for freedom of speech, world peace and... pink as our national colour :D
Aaana, out aiyya doesnt read blog :|
*wicked smile*

@gradwolf: see, IF he chances upon this blog...IF.

Wanderlust said...

and ya bulb goddess..

wonder what they call me..

CFL devil.. ;-)

Swetha said...

"Smileys make me happy. Well, so does chocolate but you don't care do you."

Very me :)

Are you a fellow Swetha?

OK said...


Goda Ramkumar said...

The number of comments you have got before me says it all. Damn interesting blog for people who already know u, people who already don't know u,people who will get to know u in future and people who will not get to know u in future. Did I cover the universal set? :D Since u like this. I swear you have successfully consolidated all the people into a separate set of "people who are amazed by Brahma's creation of Jennifer Lopez ( Name concealed to protect identity :D)

PS: You made me smile :)

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey good post..timepass..

Confounded-Lady said...

Lol...looks like we make a team ;)


Its always a pleasure to make fellow bu;bers..cha sorry..fellow bloggers smile :D ;)

err..thank you?