Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lets Talk About Making an Impression

Funny what you put yourself through JUST to make a good impression.
Even funnier how things blow up on your face at the end of the day.
Life, Bah!

Picture this, my boss asks me to send one of those neat meeting invites you can create in Microsoft Outlook for a meeting over the phone, to brief me on some Client-Fundas I ought to be aware of, and in turn enlighten my team.

So ,Friday evening, the excited me fixes up a decent meeting-invite (first time you know.. )all properly worded and stuff, keeping in mind the time-zone-complexity involved in this entire scene.

Meeting for 1 hour.
11:30 am, afternoon, on Sunday.My time
2 am. His time.

Comfy for both my boss and me.He doesn’t sleep early on weekends.. he said so himself.

Nice, meeting invite accepted also.
Not bad na?

So, Saturday afternoon, I ask myself if I have to do some reading-shmeeding, just to go over the company’s policies, so that I don’t sound like a complete jerk on Sunday’s meeting.

Its all about making an impression, remember?

Its Saturday evening, and I haven’t yet bothered to read through any of the relevant pdfs in my mailbox.
Oh well, its probably genetic by now.

Saturday night.
Will not be smitten by the procrastination-bug.
That’s the spirit.
I read all the pdfs in my mailbox…so that I can smartly say… 'Yes Boss, I know that…Oh yes, that too' :P

Fine…apart from that, the least I can do is get a decent note-pad and a pen..that writes (That combination is a luxury in my house…trust me). And to make the call even more convenient on my side, I hunt for my long-lost earphones, so that I don’t have to tilt my head during the entirety of the call.

The checklist before I hit the sack that night….infrastructure, all set.
I’ve told my grandparents not to summon me and make me run any errands for them from 11:30 hours- 13:00 hours.
Rite, done.

Yep all set.
Am I prepared for a meeting or what!!

Sunday morning.

Yawn….stretch….yawn yawn..

Lets look at the clock....

Meeting with boss!!!!!!!!!!!
Frantic hunt for cell under the sheets….missed calls.
Missed calls!!!

Christ…I just slept through a supposed-to-be-meeting with my boss!!!!!!

As if things weren’t ‘great’ enough at work!!!

(Don’t believe me? Check the post downstairs )

I sit on my bed…...and think.
And think.

Any more smart ways to make a good impression??

8 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Vijayanthi said...

Didnt know you blogged... nice..keep it up.

Arthi said...

U really did miss(mess) up????!!!
Blagg.. good.. WTG :p

MaYtH!! said...

@ Vaij and Arthi: Thanks dee's ;)

Wonga punniyathla thaan :D

SriKumar said...

Amaaajiinggg effort... Jus hope that ur manager doesnt end up this page.... Keep writing !

Poison said...

:D what did the manager say the next day?

MaYtH!! said...

@ Sri Kumar: Thanks Boss....keep visiting ;)

@ Mr. Poison: Trust me, you dont wanna know :P

bharani said... i know how TCS made $4.3 billion last year.... saving on the calls and letting its employees sleep well.....

~*kavita*~ said...

tat was a perfection description of MaYtHiNi Syndrome!!!

Way to go Gal! :)