Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Sip of Coffee for the Beginners' Soul

I was stuck in a meeting this morning with some angr(ej)y folks at work and the amount of continuous yada-yada-yada blah-blah-blah I was subjected to, is just inexplicable.
It was past my lunchtime and this meeting just never seemed to end.

I was beginning to feel hungry...and restless...and fidgety....and agitated...and jumpy, and irritated to say the least 'coz my tummy was now making funny noises and let me tell you, you don't want to be within a 10 metre radius from me when my tummy is no longer under my control.

I was desperate. I'd keep eyeing the door waiting for a miracle to happen.. like for instance, someone coming through the door with lunch on a tray or the bell ringing signalling that all activity ought to stop.
(Bell???? At work?? Anyone having the feeling I skipped college and joined work straight away from school??)

Just when I was I beginning to lose all hope a fellow enters the Conference Room with a tray.
Prayers answered!
Talk about wishful thinkin...Boy, that was quick!

But wait...a tray...with cups?
At 01:30 pm in the afternoon???
Who, in his/her right senses would serve TEA in the afternoon?????!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Fine whatever....I gazed hopefully at that tray while it was gracefully but friggin slowly taking its turn round the table.

I grab that cup when I get the chance.

No...more like...gulp...lick..gulp...gulp...gulp...mmmmm...(burp)

That drink was well deserving...Big smile on face.
But wait..this wasnt tea....this was...wait..its like something I've never tasted before.

Coffee....It was Coffee!

By George!

I drank my first cup of coffee ever, unknowingly that too....shattering all my ancient apprehensions on caffeine, throwing my prejudice against poor-'ol-coffee out the window.

And, you know what?
It didn't taste all that bad.

Think I'll give this drink a try once in a while.
(I'm still loyal to milk and tea though)

Well...whaddya know....looks like coffee,most definitely, is my cup of tea after all:)

8 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Parimal said...

hey maythini as i was going thru the blog i had only one doubt... do u still hold d cup d same way u us to hold in ILP.... and do ppl still imitate u... ;) anyways keep enjoying ur cup of coffee or tea.. whtever hardly matter.... :)

Prabu, IIT Madras said...

Man...lucky i wasn't put in ur situation. But, wonder how in the world(almost 22 years into it) cafe or coffee... whatever u call it hasn't invaded u atleast once. hope this 'first, unexpected' tryst with coffee is not the brain-child of ur blogging mind.

MaYtH!! said...

hehe...Yes I still do hold my tea-cup like that:) But I dont really draw that much attention nowadays.Guess, everyone's too busy to notice ;)

Therz a first time for everything. Mine just never turned up ;)

andyetitmoves said...

aah... kaapi... that too hot filter kaapi... nothing like that... :)

MaYtH!! said...

Yeah yeah...thats next in line

beetlejuice said...

heya mayth!

thnx for readin my read urz too nw...nt to return the favour tho!hehe...

i really cud 'hear u talkin' as i read wat u wrote..i cud juz picture u narratin the same animatedly!hehe...

cant belive u juz had ur 1st cuppa coffee bein a total caffeine freak find tat freaky!but im glad u chanced upon accident or hwever!

keep writin gurl...nice work...

beetlejuice said...

itz me preeti btw... ;)

Ramanujam R S said...

"Well...whaddya know....looks like coffee,most definitely, is my cup of tea after all:)"

- good one...