Saturday, May 26, 2007

Now tell me…

Am I weird just because I sit on my office-chair with my legs crossed ?

Am I pretentious just because I prefer the Queen’s Language to any other?

Am I confused just because my blog says so?

Am I unromantic just because I’m not in love?

Am I content just because I’m not ruthless?

Am I a narcissist just because I love myself?

Am I egoistic just because I think I can?

Am I a spoilt-brat just because I’m the only kid?

Am I a push-over just because I’m accomodative?

Am I aggressive just because I want to get my work done ?

Am I your friend just because I tolerate you?

Am I callous just because I don’t tell my dear ones how much I love them?

Am I cruel just because I have no control over my temper?

Am I a sissy just because I like pink?

Am I selfish just because I don’t wish to share my make up?

Am I vain just because I’m obsessed with my kajal and mascara?

Am I a nice person just because I let you have all the paneer from my dinner plate?

Am I a snob just because I don’t make the first move?

Am I meek just because I don’t rebel?

Am I self-centred just because I don’t volunteer to do your work?

Am I asking for too much when I want some time for myself?

Am I lazy just because I demand a sound 10 hour sleep?

Am I indifferent just because I don’t remember my best friends’ birthdays?

Am I stupid just because I don’t get things instantly?
(Don’t answer that, thank you very much)

Am I jobless just because I put this post up?

Are you, just because you’re reading this?

So many questions…so little time..
Life is unfair.

But Tell me…So what?

5 Confounded-souls had something to say:

Prabu, IITM said...

pretty long...could've made it crisp to sustain the tempo till the end...

maythini said...

Just gave it a second read...'n you know what?
Your rite.... too much, is just too long. :)

andyetitmoves said...

Almost sounds like an "about me" :p

bharani said... blog of yours after that thing on women's day and marriage...for a moment i thought it's some forward...maami, you are damn creative...

yeah you are a sissy....look even ur blog page is pink...he he...

MaYtH!! said...

@ andyetitmoves: May be it is ;) But then again I think I'll stick to the about me I have in Orkut ;)

@ Bharani: Thanks Bee...what would I do without you ;)

and sissy, yeah yeah...whatever ;)