Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Helmet's Redemption

...Our Government has finally done it.

The Law now has it that car-drivers not not strapping their belts (Aww...don't give me any crap about trouser/pant-ka-belt funny-guy..Tamil-Nadu Policemen aren't THAT dumb.THere! No legal hassles attached) and two-wheeler drivers driving without a helmet, will be caught and prosecuted.

Bwahahahahaha...(Evil laughter)

hmm....Lets see...this new Law-thingy does insinuate a few things.

Ayy) I hunt down that big-fat-ugly-red helmet of mine from the cob-web laddened archives of my house (despite learning a lesson the hard way ) and put it out for a while in the sun, to make it more head-friendly (and more spider not-so-friendly)

Bee) My mom takes our car to the garage to fix all the belts in the car even the ones at the back,so that they..come, when pulled (the very way well-behaved belts should behave)

See) Now this is something I'm not so sure about. Should pillion riders be donning a helmet too? I'm quite concerned because I always have someone or the other behind me everytime I ride my vandi.

Well, if yes, I'd very happily share mine..but I don't intend on getting prosecuted in the near future,thank you very much. And for some wicked reason I don't intend on investing on another big-fat-red thing;even if its for you, darling.
So, that brings us to a point of uncertainty in Point#See.

But ...hey, there is a good chance that we don't get caught for my pillion-rider-not-donning-a-helmet.
I'm quite fast on the roads and I could just Vrooooom! past the pot-bellied men-in-white.
My pillion riders love me! :)
(I can say what I want...Its my blog!)

But I'm not getting all jumpy and thrilled by that optimistic-notion because the probability that we're gonna get caught on the road with me maneuvering my loyal blue 2-stroke vandi for reasons apart from you not donning a helmet, is tragically quite large.

So either way you 'n I are meat, sweetie!
(that still brings us to a point of uncertainty in Point#See)

Never mind..

At this moment when early cab drivers,lack of good sleep, unfinished documents,an mp3 player that needs fixing and an impending Quality Audit at work ,are issues to be considered, 'Point#See' doesn't really gain top priority in my things-to-worry-about list.

Well...whadya know? This country IS getting better after all...'n I'm so proud of it.
Now, if only the idea of a ban on auto-drivers' reckless driving could sink in.

(But who listens to me! Bah!)


5 Confounded-souls had something to say:

divya s said...

i don't think pillion riders need to wear a helmet..but do check. you dont wanna be caught unprepared do you.

n btw..its about time you protected your helmet like it ought to be.;)

beetlejuice said...


nice one...but i must tell u..the helmet is absolutely essential...for pillions as well...iv seen a range of thoz close to me n passers by tat wr REAL bad..n thingz cudv been much better if they had juz..well, worn a wear one...PLZ!

guess the comment turned out to b serious...hehe...dint mean it tat way but life is a serious thing isnt it nw???

bharani said...

you bet i am gonna comment on this one....well, i am in for everyone wearing a helmet...i am a staunch supporter of that, especially on chennai roads...but i just can't understand why it was made "optional" for women (pillion riders of course) it that they have stronger heads or is it that they feel there's nothing inside to protect?...why should chennai women alone be given an option, while in other metros it's mandatory?...women's head or men's head... rule gotta be the same...seems apparently women protested about the inconvenience...what crap?... go on, break open your skulls, who cares...we'll have fewer women to reproduce with....

and that brings me to your point See....well, people, if you are maythini's pillion rider (why the hell… can't you find an auto?...they are safer) then you not only need a helmet for your head, but a full batsman's gear... she's complaining about the auto guys...weird...i have seen many auto guys getting scared by the way she drives... she has a proud history of her stunts and its consequences on the road...he he...enna maami...

MaYtH!! said...

@Divya: Point noted. My helmets all dug out from the wilderness

@ Beetlejuice: You nailed it Preets...My helmets on my head and its never coming off. (err...just a dramatic statement but yeah you get what I'm trying to say rite;))

MaYtH!! said...

@Bharani: Mistah insightful as that comment mite be, I odnt think you're gonna get many votes from the female-fraternity if your standing for President. It IS uncomfortable and it does mess up our hair...and I for one cannot let anything meddle with my vanity-disposition ;)
But yeah your rite...a helmet is a helmet and it has to be on our head.
And...As for the way I drive...well, I have nothing to say
End of story :P