Sunday, June 10, 2007

You know that its just NOT your Sunday at the Movies when...

1.You plan for an exciting meetup at Sathyam expecting some 15 people; where only 7 turn up.

2. You rush like a maniac across the roads of Chennai and park your vandi outside the theatre gate just to get there on time; only to discover that your quite early than expected.

3. Watching a movie turns out to be a visually tiring experience leaving you feeling as though you've faught a battle against the Pirates from the movie.

4. You spend half your time gaping at the screen wondering what the hell in going on out there; and the rest of the time waiting for the pop-corn to arrive.

5. You've been dumped with a life-supply of pop-corn and what easily seems to be one-litre of ice-cold Coke which you struggle to drive down your throat throughout the movie; only in vain.

6. You've sat through the movie for 180 minutes and you still don't know what the movie's all about.

7. You leave the theatre just to find that your vandi has been towed by the Chennai Police; on the grounds of parking in a non-parking area.

Your friends accompany you in travelling another 2 kms to get to the Police station to demand for your vandi because your the rightful owner (hell, yeah!).

9. You pay up and eventually don't get a receipt. Ahem.:D

10. You decide to cross the road and park at Spencer's Plaza with Vikram, Shyamz and Surosa...for a blissful sandwhich at Sub-ways and a good stroll at Landmark.

11. You think to yourslef,

"Aaaaah....all in a day's work.
Shouldn't all Sundays be as invigorating as this?"

5 Confounded-souls had something to say:

andyetitmoves said...

aah! so an encounter with the 'uncle'? police station eppidi irundhadhu? :D

and yeah, you should have looked at reviews before going... enough people warned me against PoC... good enough for me to choose Chennai 28 over that the last time I was at Sathyam... :p

Surasa said...


:D~ said...

sounds like an interesting time u had there! heard a few bad reviews abt pirates. nevertheless, still wanna watch it... i mean, cummon! johnny depp! keith richards! keira knightley! **drool drool** ;)

and what's with the "of course with his consent???" :0

ps - i'm not really a fanatic.
i like india, i'm proud of it.
i hate india for all its faults. i just dont think the points brought forth in the concerned article were relevant, and not right. hence... ;)
even today, if someone asks me what my hometown is, i instinctively say "manama!" but i wont tolerate crap! cheers!

bharani said...

sounds like you haven't changed a bit... forgetting keys, losing things, parking in no-parking areas...don't u know that you aren't supposed to park in front of sathyam?..he he..

MaYtH!! said...

@andyetitmoves: Not something I'm really proud of..but yeah, Police Station is a good start for a decent reputation I'm working towards.

PoC... except for the Johnny Depp, I had nothing to see :D

@ :dD~ Yeah, yeah. (oh btw..point noted :D)

@Bee: I'm work-in-progress :D