Saturday, June 9, 2007

It spreads inside you and outside too

There is something about the word ‘cancer’ these days that gives me an instant gush of fear about the profound uncertainty of Uncertainty manifests itself into a whole new meaning when taking the word cancer into consideration.

Now, this is one disease which hits us when we’re in the pink of health and when most unexpected. The sad part of succumbing to this wicked-disease is that, its perhaps the only one (apart from tumor which again is another form of cancer) which defies Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
(ok….serious misinterpretation of 11th grade Physics I hear you say, but wait…hear me out I say)

I’ve always thought of diseases to be a result of some perceptible cause. I’m not saying that its karmic ‘n all, just that you can account for every state of illness, injury or disorder that you endure. Everything can be accounted for.
Everything has a concrete cause.

Except Cancer.

So far, from what I’ve seen, cancer can hit absolutely anybody.
Regardless of whether you live a tobacco free life or whether you own a tobacco factory....Its just as random as the grading in one of my papers in 6th sem.

This very thought hits me with a sudden spasm of sadness and anger considering that we humans, the most intelligent and powerful species in the Universe (disregarding any probable signs of extra-terrestrial wildlife out there ) are incapable of confronting and curing something very much science related as opposed to a tsunami (which man possibly couldn't control or evade); despite the colossal advancement we’ve made, over the years, in the field of science and medicine.

Doesn’t it haunt you when you realize that there’s a probability that you might be in a position to confront something you can’t understand or account for?
Something you can’t reason with or bargain with?
Something you can solve or resolve?
Something that brings irreplaceable sorrow and loss that spreads across a family or an entire generation,like a cancer (pun intended).

I would mention the various intriguing causes to cancer listed in one of the sites...someof them absurd, but fascinating just the same...
But that’s not what I blog for.... No. I don’t discuss useful information :P(that you should’ve discovered by now after reading some of my informatively-prolific blogs, O tolerant reader).

I’m still baffled by this medical-enigma and all I wish to say is that.. ..No one deserves to be killed unless he legally deserves it or illegally wants to.

Its one thing if you are diagnosed with malignancy after puffing a fat six-digit-number of cigarettes (die smokers, die!) but it’s totally different thing when your diagnosed with the same while/after living life abiding by all the protocols of perfect healthy living; when it suddenly hits you like a bus.

Life has so much it can unravel.
Sometimes, the best-est of solutions to any confusion in life could lie in answering a simple question… Will you have fun while resorting to it…?

Because at the end of the day, you should be proud of what you’ve lived for and lived through… and not how long you spend doing just that.

To Smt. Vatsala Nagarajan whom I love and respect with all my heart. Its not fair what life (or otherwise..) does to fabulous people like you.

2 Confounded-souls had something to say:

bharani said...

well, it's for nothing that they call it cancer...unbridled growth...ppl want so many things to grow bigger and longer and stronger in their bodies(hair, muscles etc dumbo...)...probably that's why cancer is so prevalent...

i disagree with ur point u know that passive smoking is more harmful?..the exhaled air contains more nicotine...and what abt all the pollution that one consumes through breath, water, food? it's not that only smokers should get cancer... but there are some cancers which are mostly inherited...breast, prostate etc..

MaYtH!! said...

point of this blog was not to emphasize on the myriad causes of cancer. I just wished to exclaim thats its just sad..and perhaps not fair at one level, that this disease hits absolutely ANYBODY with no rhyme or reason.
Other avatars of cancer youve mentioned (esp the ones you ve mentioned) take a random toll and hit the first one on their list.
This is a typical rant cant count on any factual authenticity.