Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shivaji - I rest my case

I've never actually been a Rajini fan. Never really liked him all that much.
But I’ve seen it for myself now.

There is no denying in it anymore and now I'm forced to eat my own words.

Rajini-kanth…Tamil-Nadu’s sooobar-star. You can love him or you can hate him…but you certainly CERTAINLY can’t ignore him.

The Tamil-movie industry has an uncanny way of reminding its faithful patronizers who the 'boss’ still is (pun unintended) and now the prejudiced-section of the audience (a part of which I was, till a while back) can no longer sit at home and twiddle their thumbs while the entire nation (and I read, the whole world too) gazes in bedazzlement at this high-budget phenomenon from Asia.

I know. Rajini has grown old and is now rather squidgy around the edges.
I’d be lying if I said that I found him to be sinfully sexy with/without that magical make-up and fluffy wig of his.
Yep, he no longer can do those eye-catchy dance steps with sooper jhatkas & matkas because of which his dance steps are tragically limited to the ‘bulb-dance’ sequence (college’s ragging routine which involves hand-movements analogous to the activity of screwing/unscrewing a bulb)

But all those cons just seem to vanish out of sight when he delivers those lines of his with unmeasurable attitude and class knowing that the audience is going to lap it up for whatever ludicrous content it may bear.

I perceive Shivaji- to be a beautiful movie for more reasons than one.

a) Shankar. Need I say more.

b) A not too-serious-yet-rather-striking theme based on giving your mother-land your
very best ; even when shit happens (Which is quite a lot these days).

c) Money money everywhere in every frame of the movie. Lets you get in touch with the surreal part of reality.

d) Raghuvaran. An small yet honest role that reminded the Tamil audience of what this fine actor was and is capable of doing. Every movement and line had a genuine feel to it. He definitely deserved this. And much more.

e) The wardrobe.
Man! Mind boggling stuff there...couldnt take my eyes of Shriya's attire. Manish Malhotra has delivered to this movie more than he ever would and could to Bollywood itself. Shriya is here to stay and she's climbing up up wayyyyyy up.

f) Cute humour... Enna vicha Commedy onnum pannaliyae, Kids paakardidu Pogo; Shivaji kitta vechikkadae gogo :P Vivek, your my man!

g) Music. A.R. Rahman. I'd be wasting my time if I wrote anything here.

h) Songs.
For their resplendence and overtly ostentatious choreography. You’ve to see it to believe it. Karan Johar’s got some records to beat here.

i) Rajinikanth (well of course...who did you expect here..Paris Hilton?)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie despite detesting logically-depraved movies.

This one is exclusively for Tamil folks...and they simply love it.
Typically entertaining, typically Rajini.
And thats all that matters.


3 Confounded-souls had something to say:

bharani said...


all of the points you have mentioned have already been there in previous shankar movies except the last one. rajini is not an actor, he's a phenomenon. i am not a die hard fan of his...yet, no one can ignore a phenomenon...

anyway, am happy that you have seen the movie. you are atlast coming outta your prejudices and your cloyingly sweet movie favourites like "notting hill"... and cloyingly sweet dream hunks like hugh grant...welcome to tamil nadu...

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

hello!! First things first..thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Second, I liked your blog too..u seem to be the straightforward no-nonsense kinds.wayy to go!!

third, Rajini Rocks! No doubts!!

Anonymous said...

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