Saturday, September 8, 2007

Kangana, me...and a lot of thinking

Making reviews just isn't my forte because of which I'll never subject the readers of my blog (however few in number they may be) to a movie-review by me . Well, never again at least. I promise. Now that thats out of the way, I begin my blog...on a movie I just saw recently.
* chuckkles slyly*

Some eight months back when Krati and I were roommates in Trivandrum, I'd asked her what the movie Gangster-A Love Story was all about and why people were raving about that movie 'n why girls were swooning over some new dude called Shiney Ahuja. Krati, the very darling she is, patiently narrated the entire story, scene by scene and by the end, I'd already gotten a feeling of watching the movie already.

But ever since then, I longed to watch the movie. I had to see it for myself... Could human emotions be this complex? Could something this intense be portrayed in celluloid without confusing the viewer and making him/her endure two 'n a half hours of an emotional-fun-fest?

I finally got to watch it yesterday with Rema (the diabolical-cousins doing what we do best. Switching on the telly and shutting- up) and it was just what I'd imagined it to be.

Ahuja is a Greek God. Yes. I wish I were 16 years old so that I could openly drool and swoon over him as it doesn't particularly look appropriate for a girl... sorry, 'woman' of my age to be doing so. *I so hate growing up...sob!*

The movie had very intense and poignant scenes which should have ideally made my tear-glands function with unprecedented efficiency, but I surprisingly found my self thinking through the movie and even more intensely after it.

Kangana Ranaut 's character, however whorish it may have seemed in the movie, portrayed the basic instincts of a woman - in its rudimentary and crude form. That, she wasn't satisfied completely until she was emotionally satisfied. That, no matter how much you gave her, how much you loved her, 'n how much you promised to give her, nothing enticed her as much as the inner feeling of knowing that someone could give her/be the solution to her (otherwise) passionless life.

Kangana's character betrayed the man who loved her more than life itself, while in search of true passion.
Well, you'd think that that's perfectly natural, if not justified, for a women to have behaved the way she did in the movie. I mean, with women always carrying that 'emotional' tag around wherever they go and with bullshit quotes like 'Men think with their brains, women think with their heart ..coz they can't otherwise' floating around, you wouldn't expect 'her' to introspect or think deeply on what she'd be gaining or losing in the bargain of satisfying her inner most needs and desires.

A woman has needs and if it means tearing down the curtains and drinking your way to hell, so be it.

But the actual risk, in the blind pursuit of satiating what one's craving for - lies in not being able to realize or understand what she has in her life already. In the quest for more happiness 'n bliss, she might lose whatever little happiness she has.
People say that those who think with their hearts, are the happiest. Well yes, maybe. You may be awarded with bliss and ecstasy,just like you're lil heart wanted. But you can't count on being successful all the time. what was I trying to insinuate all this time?
That there's always a trade off or compromise in love? That you cant *always* afford to follow your heart and that it may be sensible for one to opt for the most rational of all options -even if one knows that it isn't going to promise her/him whatever she/he had dreamt of all her/his life?

Well like I said, I did a lot of thinking. Plus it was the weekend -I had nothing better to do.
So, *contemplates very deeply* I think I'd be better off thinking with my brains than my heart.
But wait. Did I just say that?
Who am I trying to kid anyway.

P.S- Krati. You've been an inspiration for this post. Please read my blog (from now on at least).



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akanksha said...

I cant agree more on that..being a woman,,we think straight from the heart every single time.Maybe then the brain takes over ,depends on the situation,,but the 1st thought abt something is always from dat lil heart.Actually men do it too,but they wont ever admit this.
Hopped here from wacko's blog and njoyed ur post!
U r blogrolled.

Vyj said...

Hello there Mayth... you have been doing a lot of extraneous thinking havent you? Gangster was an intense movie like you said, but surprised you;re just watching it now. Stirred quite a few critics. Ranaut was just being typically female. She was unlucky and unsuccessful in the tryst thats all. Nice post. Coming back for sure. :)

Nags said...

hey you are not so bad at reviews, are you? good one! thanks for stopping by :)

Lavanya said...

I had a hard time at that movie. My hindi was terribly terrible and i kept bugging my friend who was sitting next to me in the theater and made her translate while she was sobbing.
But i really liked the music in the movie...esp tu hi meri shab hai, beautiful song.

wacko said...

hmm..i hvnt seen this flick either...but ive heard a lot bout it too..frankly speaking..i didnt read the whole post here too..cuz i wanna watch it...thnks for the reminder!

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Akanksha-Beeg Welcome to m' blog :)

@vyj: Yes she was. But I just dont know whether I'd quite defend her or not.

@Nags: Thank you too :)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Lavanya: Yea, translation during intensely emotional movies are a big no-no ;)

@Whacko: Yea, I think you should watch it too..Ranaut has done some good acting here. Don't think its gonna be that frequent in future. :D

Mark IV said...

danku for the comment...
haven't seen the movie so nothing there...
and yes, i had a terrible accident and was in coma all this time, while my alterego was busy fighting aliens and an evil villain who did not know the password to my blogger took over my body....
but now that i ve pocessed myself AGAIN, you r TAGGED

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

***I wish I were 16 years old so that I could openly drool and swoon over him as it doesn't particularly look appropriate for a girl... sorry, 'woman' of my age to be doing so.****
If you are calling yourself a 'woman' at this age, you will be calling yourself 'Budiya' by the time you are my age. You still have a few years before that label applies.

Take your pick:
Youth is always in such a hurry to get old
Youth is wasted on the young


Venkatesh A.R. said...

you have a good review skill, as contrary to your opening sentence!!! playing very humble i surmise.. :-)
and, why not try for the NDTV movie reviewer post??!!!!

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hmm havent watched the movie as yet. sounds interesting.. hmm.
blogrolled you :)

p.s-im 16, n trust me, im so NOT swoonin over shiney ahuja :-p
my mum likes him :D

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@ Mark: Great to see you back! Was starting to worry bout you :P ;)
And..oh I see that I'm tagged!

@BPSK: I think I'll concede with statement 2. Anything that makes me blemishless for juvenile behaviour :D

@Venki: lol... trust me you dont want that! But thanks for the was nice while it lasted *sigh!* :)

*~ Mayth!!~* said...

@Busy Writer: YOur mom and I should meet for tea some time ;)

Still searching said...

Really nice blog you have too, and this is a very thought provoking post! But first things first, any age is appropriate to drool over a Greek God!! :))) So dont worry if you're 26 instead of 16, its actually much nicer to drool when u're older! Hahhaha..

I totally agree, that sometimes it makes more sense to live and be content with what u've got than go out and get what you want, coz that may be short-lived... my brain agrees with what you say. But my heart doesnt.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and blogrolling me!

Btw, the Krishnaji post is beautiful!

Zee said...

i will still not see gangster!

Mark IV said...

yup.. am back... was comatose, but u can give your sympathies by breathing ife to the tag!!! :-)

Mark IV said...

yeah.. seriously... sad isn't it... i was fighting this warlord from a distant planet who wanted to make our entire galaxy his slaves (of couse i had a sidekick from a nearby fallen galaxy and a gorgeous heroine from out of the earth). just when we had pushed him off a zero gravity cliff, the heroine (now my wife) hit me with a flying saucer... technically a saucer which had its nuptial flight on her throw! square on the back of my head... comatose! so couldnt blog!!!!

mayth!! said...

@ Still searching:
Yep I should I agree with you there. Drooling when you ought not, is quite some fun. ;)

@ Zee:
I wonder why :)

@ Mark: I'm waiting for details on your blog :D

Nags said...

i have never been a shiney ahuja fan since I saw his A rated movie Sins. Probably cuz he did the role of the priest in that movie too well :D